Left Antigua this morning after 8 days there. Enjoyed my stay, the spanish school will help as I continue south.

Took time to smell the flowers (right Bug Sister )

Checked out ruins, churches, side streets….

Welding shop. Note they were working out in front yesterday… Street is black with residue from the welding and the steel.

Local bus rolling by….

Had a great day walking the town with Sherri Jo. This was the picture I took after this young girl walked the block selling her two scarves….. Amazing. It will be a great memory of my travels. She was an amazing salesperson. Wow

Sherri Jo took this photo while we were walking about of the ladies with there bundles on there heads.

Great day as I left Antigua.

In the evening before I left there was a “Pasada” in the neighborhood that Rosalia told me about. So i went. Not sure the exact meaning, but it was a block away on a quiet side street. It was all locals except a couple of us gringo that were staying in the neighborhood. There was a Marimba band (audio to follow), food, Dancing and the kids got to bat at a piñata. Was really cool to see real life in Antigua not just the touristy stuff.

Marimba Band….. Great!!

Not a great photo, but this guy was great. He had an amazing Smile and knew how to play it was clear he was the leader!!


An the kids…..

Santa took a beating….

Until the Dulces (candy fell)

Frank set up his driver to pick me up. Radioman traveling first class Leaving in Antigua in a chauffeured Pick up truck Thanks Frank who has been a=of great help in Guatemala!!

Arrived at the dealer at 11Am….

They were rolling the bike out to take it to weld the kickstand spring attachment point that they missed…

Hung out at the dealer for 5 hours…… While they finished the bike, cleaned it etc….

On my left is Frank who I cannot thank enough for his help in getting to the dealer, the bike fixed, many phone calls. Awesome guy!!! Thank You Frank!! and on my right is Jose the GM of the BMW moto dealer. He was helpful translating and getting my bike repaired. Thank You Jose!

And it great to see that we have security at the BMW dealer!!

Finishing up my bike.

Got my bill for the repair on the side cover, new front tire, and picking me and my bike up in Coban.

The crash bars are still on my bike, but the right side rear connection to the lower part of the engine broke off and they were not able to weld this…. Really bad to have engine guards attached to the Lower Main case of the engine new part is $1,800 USD and then pulling the engine and replacing the lower half Bad design IMHO. Why attach to the oil pan or side cover which could be replaced easily??? Oh well….

While I was waiting….like at any dealer. I met Andreas and had a great conversation. He has a K100, and was in for a tire change. We talked while we waited. It was a pleasure meeting him. . Love it!

Christmas at BMW

Since it was late, grabbed a local Hotel. Umm.. room

Hope to meet up with Frank and His wife for dinner which will be well worth staying another night!!