Can you believe it?? December 1st.

Yup. Even here on the beach they have Christmas trees up. Santa is now out and ready .

We decided that a day Snorkeling would be good.

Signed up for a few hour snorkeling trip. down to the beach we go.

Sam’s ready for the boat ride.

Heading south along the beach. We get a better look at all the resorts and homes along the way.

Nice water.

Some colorful fish.

lots of tourists….

Sam.after some time snorkeling.

Doing his “ruta Muetra” in the water.

Checking out the Cenote. The fresh water is coming up from a lava tube …..

Sam snapped this shot underwater.

Another day at the beach. We will ride south to Tulum tomorrow to check it out. So there will be riding in this report