Was glad to get my bike back and be able to ride again.

Packed up in the morning at the hotel. Bike all cleaned up

Even though Guatemala city is big few million people, I was on the right side of town to be heading south/east. Was able to get onto CA1 and follow it out of the city

Lots of traffic in the city, but was all headed into the city.

once I was out of the city, there were some nice views ….

in one of the small towns this truck had a coffin and they were driving on the main road while 50 or so people walked along the side of the road, in honor of their loved one. The rest of us were just going about are normal day.

More views…. beautiful morning to ride! Bike is running well.

After I decided to change my plan and ride through El Salvador, I connected with Sherri Jo Wilkins again and we decided to ride into El Salvador so that there were two of us at the border crossing to watch our bikes…. We had set a cross roads to meet. While I waited. This guy drove up with a load of Onions. He was off to the market. he was going to get $7.00 a bundle and was very excited about the Price.

After waiting 2 hours…. I headed for the border not knowing for sure if Sherri had bike problems or we just miss connected. She had stopped at a different intersection and waited for me.

I arrive at the border, and get ready for the crossing fun!!

Got a photo with Max crossing into El Salvador.

And as I crossed the bridge, and got to the customs office. Sherri Jo was already there and almost done. Great she showed me the steps.

It was fairly easy as I knew what to expect.. She had made friends with the bike inspectors, so that was easy, Passport across the street was easy. They give you a small white piece paper to had to the border guy up the road. Do not loss this one 🙂 But then I had to wait for the one custom woman to type up my paperwork……. There was a line for truckers there that Sherri told me had been there the whole time she was. Could be hours. They called Sherri up ahead of all the others, but I was thinking that that would not happen for me, so She took off and we planned to meet up at a hotel in La Libertad on the coast.

As soon as she left, the Customs guard, flagged me into the office in front of all the truckers…..

She was a bit frazzled, but I was done in about 1/2 hour and on my way. Border took about 1.5 hours!

As I rode out of the border… Sherri had been stopped by the police for an inspection so i had caught up to her!!

In all of Mexico and central America we see so many people crammed into the back of the “chicken buses”, which is just a pick up loaded with people going somewhere. They stand on the road and flag down the Pick up. They barely stop and the person hops on….

or they take the colorful local buses which are also loaded with people and luggage tied on top.

Rolling along, as it is now about 4PM. We decided to keep riding to get to the coast.

We road the CA2 along the coast. There was a section that really reminded me of the Pacfic Coast Hwy, but with no amenities. it was starting to get dark, but we were only a few miles to the hotel.

Had to go through some Tunnels and lots of twisties

and a few times we came around the corners, and there was a fire along side the road where they were burning there Garage. Was an interesting sight to see.

Got to the hotel which was just near the beach, got parked and unloaded in time to go have some dinner

I had some great fish Tacos

Great day. The roads in El Salvador were the best I had since Cancun area. Was fun to ride them!