WOW. Thanks for all the Christmas greeting and for the comments. Really Really appreciate that you are enjoying the ride and sharing in the experiences. Thanks to all of you!! you can email me at

Have to say that I had a great stay at the hotel in Granada. Victor and his wife Kayta were fantastic with tips about the area, places to eat, and making my stay great. They only had one room left, so I stayed here and they called a place a block away and got a room for Sherri. It had a garage for our bikes

AND Victor gave us both Nicaragua Stickers for our bikes…. It was $32 Night with Breakfast but really worth it!! They have been some of the best Hotel owners I have met in the past 6 months on the road!!

Sticker in my hands!

They have fresh fruit delivered for part of the breakfast.

Granada has a great deal of history and is an old colonial town.

Sherri met up with another rider Kevin from Ireland and James from the UK whom she had ridden with before. And She and kevin decided to check out an island with volcanos. I needed a rest day for my aching knee and hung out for the day. Spend a bit of time with James and Leo. James has been on the road for about 9 months. Riding 1200GSA.

Had an intense downpour while we waited out the rain.

Then it cleared again.

Got up in one of the churches (thanks to Victor for telling me about the view).

Great day before Christmas Eve.