My host Victor and his Wife Kayta were great and I told them I was going to San Juan del Sur on the coast. They told me that 17KM south of town was a cool little beach town called El Coco and just a few miles was La Flor where they have Sea turtles that come up on the beach. They called the hostel for me and booked a spot.

Sherri had taken off the day before with Kevin (he is from Ireland and riding a Buell to Argentina), to check out some Island. to you both. Safe Travels and I may see you down the road!!

I only had a short ride (80 miles or so) to the beach.

Took my time getting started, and had breakfast with a great couple from Australia. Mark and Clare. to you both. Hope you have a great pre- wedding trip!!

Time to smell the flowers!

Took off at about 11…. Me and my Go pro ride through Nicaragua. It is one of the poorer countries in Central America. As I ride it is hard not to reflect on life, and the many blessing I have had. Especially as you see all the people crammed into buses with luggage on top and Pickups (chicken buses) moving around, and I am riding my own personal Motorcycle through there country.

All the small villages and homes along the road. They must have been getting chairs for extra people celebrating Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Lots of Animals crossing the road in the country but also in the towns. They have free reign.

At San Juan del Sur and turned south for 10 miles of dirt road….. Love the GPS

Think I got some video but no photos.. too busy riding

I arrive at the hostal around 1PM…. Just 5 other guys there….

and here is Lugz….

Checking me out.

Christmas eve. Weather is 80’s and warm. Time for a swim in the pacific ocean

Ahh… They water was a perfect temp. Cooled me down and was really refreshing swimming in the waves!

Sat in the sun to dry off and enjoy the almost empty beach ahead of me.

Afternoon sun was looking good for a cool sunset.

Sitting out enjoying the show. Jenar the manager, who was great and rode his 200CC bike up to see the turtles after it got dark.

Beautiful Sunset!!

Very cool evening

Then I rode up with Jenar another 2 miles to see the Turtles. It is a national Park and as non Nicaraguan’s we pay 10USD. But worth it.

Was not really supposed to take any photos but did not want to miss this……

They gave me a red cover for my headlamp. I was the only tourist on the huge beach and they released a large group of sea turtles that I got to guide with the red lamp down to the water so they could start there lives!!! They followed the red light….it was amazing watching them at this stage.

Then one with a quick flash. But they said one was OK.

The larger Turtles come into to nest and lay eggs at about 9PM. No photos but it was cool!

It will be a great memory of my Christmas Eve 2011. End of a Sad year, but also one of new beginnings. Sort of like the sea Turtles heading down to the waters edge to start exploring the life ahead of them.

I feel a million miles from anything normal for Christmas but very peaceful and content that this is the time for my journey to new places. On my own but not at all alone. Wishing everyone a blessed Christmas and New Years!!