Could have stayed here for a few days…. But decided that there are beaches ahead and though that the border crossing might have less traffic on Christmas day. Had confirmed that both sides would be open as well.

Here is Lugz place with a large restaurant up top.

Was packed up early to get to the border at about 8:30 am. Following my main principals for these border crossings, get there early, well rested, with some food and snacks since it will take awhile. Plan to enjoy the people you meet and the experience of crossing another border. Always something new and unexpected.

Rolling up to the border at Penas Blancas.

Had to pay a $1 local tax, then have my paperwork and vin checked before getting to the Aduana Office.
Not too many people to was quick to get my passport checked out. Then getting the moto checked out. Had read other report that you need to get the police and immigration to sign you out, but got in line at adauna to make sure what needed to be signed. Then I found the policewoman to stamp my bike out. She did not even look at the bike, and then the customs guy who sign off right away. Back to the window and they let me back in line (smiles Feliz Navidad!) to get my final sign off of the paerowrk out of Nicaragua. Money changers but no real helpers this border to harass me.

Got the signatures…

Now onto Costa Rica.

Parked right here and went in to get my passport stamped into Costa Rica. You have to sort of wait outside the door of the bigger hall to have the guard let you in when the lines go down…. Only a couple people ahead of me…. Stamped out promptly. Then back out to Aduana. Fiiled out his paperwork, then he tells me that I need to go back up the road 350 Mts to get copies of my stamped passport and Suguro (insurance). I start up the road walking (my knee has been bugging me the last few days) and there are trucks lining the muddy road… I do not see anything that looks like a place to get insurance and copies. I go back and ask again and a guy outside gets called over and in broken english repeats the directions. ….

This time I walk further and spot the building with other truckers heading there….

Right in to but my $13.5 USD insurance and then get the copies of my passport page with Costa rica stamp…..

Back to Aduana. He finishes the paperwork, and sends me down the road to another office to finish. It is down to the left past all the trucks no sign of course, so I had to ask a couple times….. Go in and the nice woman stamps my paperwork and says. “your finished”…..

Gte on my bike and ride into Costa Rica, just had to stop and give the last guard station the white slip of paper that says my passport is stamped in. Took less than two hours and I am in Costa Rica!!

It is in the 90’s and warm, but then I start heading up in the mountains and it cools a bit. It was about 4 hours with light traffic to San Jose.

NOTE: traffic was light and I had read about the radar speed traps. Passed two of them on the way, but I was going the speed limit

Was tired so got a hotel in town so I could meet up with a couple other riders that are in town!

Christmas day riding worked out well for me! Then got to the hotel and had so many Merry Christmas posts and well wishes it was great! Thanks all of you for making me feel connected while traveling!!