Arrived Late christmas day in San Jose, and needed to rest. My knee has been giving me a bit of trouble as it is stiff and sore ….. Guess it is just healing up

Part of the reason to stop in San Jose was to meet up with a couple other riders. Tom is a retired Expat from US, and Conor has been riding a similar trail south as I have been, but we never quiet crossed paths.

Conors blog is
we got the chance to sit down and have lunch and talk about riding south through central America, Life on the road and many other topics. Was great meeting Conor in person!

I then rested most of the rest of the time except when Tom helped me catch up on some errands and find a Costa Rica Sticker.

I have finally got sick of hauling my extra tire, so I decided to find a place to change the tire for me. With The Christmas holiday the BMW dealer and most all the others where closed for the week. But one of the local riders that Tom met knew of a tire shop that would do motorcycle tires. So I pulled my rear rim ….

Conor helped guide the Taxi guy to the shop.

Where these guys jumped right on it. Changed my tire for 3,000 Colona’s (or about $6.00 USD) and washed my rim

New tire on….. Have to say I am so happy to not be hauling the spare…. It was a real hassle and I have had it on my bike for the past few months. The bike is lighter without the weight up top!! Had over 9,000 miles on the K60 and still had more to go, but since I had the opportunity and a little time. I was ready!!

On the way back caught a photo fo guys working on there graffiti…. 3 of them midday…. working away.

Also had Xavier contact me wanting to get together. He is local to San Jose. I was really lucky to have him contact me and he and his girlfriend met up with me as I rode out to the Caribbean coast on my was south. Thanks Xavier for reaching out to you fellow ADV rider. Just wish we would have been able to spend more time together.

Tom rode with me out of town. Thanks Tom for everything.

As I rode up through the rainforest it was really cool, but did not have any rain Great views over the mountains. This is one day that photos did not capture the beauty.

Once over the mountains, you break into the coastal plains. Lots of Banana being grown. along with Pineapple and other crops.

In many other central america countries you never knew what the speed limit was ….but it did not matter. In Costa rica they had plenty of speed limit signs posed and painted on the street. Did well not to get speeding ticket

at Limon, a big port city, I headed South along the caribbean …..

Lots of one lane bridges over the rivers that flow into the sea. Had to be careful of the few other cars on the road.

And there are new animal signs along the way.

Found a nice little hotel in Cahuita, Costa Rica. Just a little beach town. with a National park next to it.

Walked into town to have dinner, met up with a couple Swiss guys who were traveling ion Costa Rica and had a great conversation. Hello Merko, and Ronnie enjoy your trip!

Being back on the Caribbean side, it has a certain fair to it. Some great little street vendors selling dinner from there carts.

I am now just about 40 miles to the Panama Border and my last Central American Border crossing. It is a bit stressful as I have been trying to get my passage to Columbia arranged. The logistics and communications are not alwaya straight forward. I had tried to book myself and my bike on the January 3rd Stahlratte boat that crosses from Panama to Columbia back in November, but they only had room for my bike …..

But it is certainly cheaper to pay the $450 to ship my bike with Stahlratte and then fly to Cartagena for $350, then to air freight for 900USD + 350-400USd to fly to Bogata and also miss Cartagena. It will also give me a few days to explore Cartagena while waiting for my bike. Know that there are a few other riders in the same boat. With the holidays it is also pushing me to get to Panama so that I am ready to ship. I have some maintenance that I also need to do.