It was fun to connect with some other motorcycle riders…. all heading for the Stahlratte Boat and passage for Columbia.
James I had met in Granada and we kept up by email since we both had reservations for our bikes but no room for us on Stahlratte.

Getting ready to ride with James and Mark.

Check out the “Action Packer Luggage” on the KLR Mark is really proud of this.

James rolling down the Pan American Hwy.

It was a straight and boring ride. We were all happy to be riding in the last Country in Central America.

There was a section of the hwy that had these stuffed “people” …. Like Superman along the road…. Not sure why but reminded me of the Cabot Trail in Canada.

We saw lots of Moto police bikes with radar along the 150 miles we rode. We just kept it to the speed limit and waved to them

Most have these 650GS knock offs….

Rolling into Panama City at 10AM…. amazing after riding out in the small towns of Central America.

Stopping in the middle of town to try and figure out where were were going. Mark needed a new tire and he had found a moto shop MPH. I also needed to do an oil change.

We rolled in and they had his tire, and told him we could do oil changes and they would mount his tire for $12.00 USD.
We parked around back.

I jumped in and did my oil change.

Then we rolled into town and found our cheap hotel as all the Hostel were full for the new years. They had a full secure garage.

Jame and I had a reservation and when we pulled into the garage, the was an 1150 GS with German plates…. Was we checked in we met Frank and Petra !!! They had just come off the Stahlratte and riding in Cuba. It was great talking with them, and we decided to spend the New years evening in the Old city of Panama!!

We had a great evening talking about travel, life and the new year!! They handed out some party hats and noise makers…

Happy New Year 2012 from Panama City!! Thanks for all the comments, encouragement a along this journey