Last day in Central America and then a 1 hour flight to Cartagena. Feels really weird not to be on my bike but to be flying to Cartagena. But could not get on the Stahlratte Boat as they had 24 passengers booked.

Had a small backpack to carry on the plane….. As I went through security, they ran my bag through the scanner. OK. Can they look closer…. Sure. Came back and still something was bothering them. I started pulling out stuff from my bag…. No that is OK. Run it again. She spoke no english but said Yaven 12? Yaven 12. Got out an electronic dictionary….? have no idea. after some digging ….. I had left a small 12MM open end wrench in a small inside pocket of the bag They could read the 12. For some reason I could not take this on the plane. Lost my wrench

Got to the airport at about 9:30 Am.This security dog was funny ……

James from the UK and I were the only two motorbike riders who had to fly. But actually in talking to many people the crossing can be really rough this time of year….. We might be really glad we flew

It was so easy and comfortable to get on the plane, and get through customs compared to the central American border crossings..

Without the bike, carried just a few items …. Traveling light. Caught a cab to the old city and a run down hostel.

My knee had really been bothering me for the past 10-12 days. Not while riding, but while walking. So Frank and Petra had told me about the Hospital in Cartagena that he had to go to for stomach issues. Decided I should go talk to a doctor …

Started at the Hospital. had to fill out the forms and put a deposit of 150,000 Pesos (about ($78.00) for the visit.

Had to wait about 30 minutes and a young doctor spoke english, looked at the knee and said I really need an Orthopedic doctor. I knew that but had to start somewhere. He told me there is a medical offices right around the corner. Great! He did not charge me anything for the visit as he did not do anything. After I said who was the best Orthopedic doctor, he said DR. Haydar.

I hobble over to the office building, and find Dr Haydars office. It was packed. I spoke with the receptionist and said I needed an appointment for my sore knee (all in my broken spanish). She said come back at 6 PM.

Took a cab back to the Hostel and the taxi driver owned a harley. In spanish we had a great conversation about my ride and my knee. He told me doctor Haydar was the best!. A bit worried about what the outcome of the doctor visit will be….what if I need surgery, how, where, when etc….

Back at 6PM, still people waiting but after an hour, I get to see the doctor. Really nice guy. Looks at my knee, probes a bit, then gets to the sore part. Looks like it is the Medial Collateral Ligament that is very sore. He speaks some english, so we talk in english and spanish, and he says I need to stay off it for 5-10 days and use IBprofin, ice, and brace (all of which I have been doing except lots of ice as it is sometimes hard to get). No MRI yet. If it is still hurting in 5-10 days he will do an MRI.


The hostel was a bit of a bad place to be stuck hanging out. We decided to find another place. Used Lonely planet to seek out other hostels and hotels. Nothing really good and cheap around, so I decided to spend a bit more for a hotel that I could just relax and heal up a bit before the bikes arrive on Friday.

Get to a couple that are all booked up in the El Centro district. but then found one. Had a sitting area that got my knee up.

and then Iced the knee….