The 5th was a rest day. Moved to a better hotel so that I had a place to relax. Did not really want to spend the extra money but while “stuck” in a hotel…. My standards go up

Got my spot updated to Cartagena….

The hotel has a roof access so the view over the city.

Did have to go out for dinner in town….

El Centro has lots of lights and festivities….

Looked like a wedding going on here.

And after dinner there is a great ice cream shop just a block from the Hotel.

On Friday we got the Email that the Sthlaratte would be arriving this am and we needed to meet the boat at the harbor to give the customs Agent copies of all our passport and bike information. Manfred is on the right as was supposed to handle all the customs import and get us done on Friday after we took the bikes off the boat.

One of the Stahlratte crew shows up with all the passports for Manfred.

Another crew member picked us up and took us out to the bike.

We then get out to the Stahlratte and “young” James is really happy to see his bike

But just 4 days on the ocean…. With the seawater takes a toll.

We are told that we should get all our bags and gear and take them back to our hotel so that just the bikes will be off loaded and ridden to Customs….

We get our gear in the Zodiac, back to shore, and flag a cab down…. Here is james in the backseat … The two of us were jammed into the cab ….

James behind all our hard cases….

Heading to our hotel across town.

We get out and drop our bags at the hotel.

Then he takes us back to the Stahlratte. It is now 1PM….

I was the first to get my bike off the boat.

They have a winch from the mast…. Hook up my bike and then set it down in the Zodiac.

Getting ready.

Over the rail I go to help get my bike in the Zodiac.

Here we go….. It is a bit interesting because it is not all explained …. It just starts happening !

Thanks to James I have some great photos….

OK. Bike is in the boat. I am “riding” it with legs on the sides of the boat to stabilize it ……

Riding to shore

Then we got to the little dock, and had to lift the bike onto the dock. First the rear and there were 5 of us …. Then teh front.

On Bike is now on Columbian Soil. But since it has not come into an official port it is really illegal

I am told ….. Ride down the street, take a left, right, left and then look for a white gate of the Aduana Office (customs)…. So I do but have to stop a couple times to ask for Aduana since nothing is marked. I find it, ride into the parking area and park. This customs gal comes up and starts speaking really fast in Spanish. I tell her there are 9 more bikes arriving soon….. She keeps asking for my paperwork, which we gave to Manfred in the morning and he was supposed to get it all handled….

Others start arriving as they have to offload one at a time and get the bikes to shore. We were told, after betting onto the dock… get on and ride so as not to attract extra attention.

Our customs Gal is still asking for paperwork….

Just trying to communicate…. More bikes arriving soon.

Bikes were all here. We hung around and then Manfred the “fixer” arrives couple hours later and says there is no inspectors available to check the bikes in, so we will have to leave our bikes in Customs and come at 8:30 in the morning. He has paid some extra money since it is a holiday (3 days weekend) and otherwise it would not be until Tuesday before we could pick up our bikes.

We head out of the locked customs area, cabb back to the hotel….. Nothing we can do but wait.

We get together for drinks and dinner Friday night.

here is Jenny our waitress, she was cute and funny.

Festive lighting all about town.

Lots of night time activities…