Here is the owner, Wife and Daughter (Kelsie) of La Casa Don de David. really great people that have been running hotel here for many years. Would definitely recommend a stay with them if you are going to Tikal.

Switched countries and Guatemala uses Gallons again. More Math

Guess I am not through with speed bumps. Now they call them Tumulos.and many are not marked

So strange to now see various gas station signs as in Mexico it is State run Pemex.

Bridge was washed out on the way to Coban. No real signage to tell me to go down aways and take the dirt road to cross this river.

Then the main road ends….. Ferry needed to cross. No cost just need a ferry instead of a bridge.

The shuttles offloading people to the ferry, and merchants selling stuff while you wait.

Yea. My bike looks huge compared to the local guys.

Oh and one part of the offramp is missing….

People also take these long boats up to see some local ruins.

As I continued south along the flat lands, I saw many Stuffed “Diablos” around. Today is some kind of “burn the Devil” festival but noone could tell me more.

If you need more reminders as to not ride at night….


Pretty Typical homes in this area…

Starting to reach the mountain area near Coban….

Pigs in the road….

Then I reached a spot where they were doing road construction….. No one knew how long. One guy said two hours another said 15 minutes. It was about 30 minute wait.

It was raining in Coban and I almost stopped with my delay at the construction. But Coban was not a real welcoming place, so I road one past my 3PM stopping point. The views winding out to Lanquin were fantastic.

Then the turn off to Lanquin turned to rough road/gravel. for 11 KM. down into the valley.

Fortunately there was a hotel just before town. So i stopped before it got dark.

Just after I got my gear off the bike and the cover on it started to dump rain….. and I was glad that I had stopped. Had dinner and was told they would be having a “burning of the Diablo” in town at 6PM…..So I walked the 1/4 mile to check it out.

Then this guy moved him into the street and they started the fireworks…

Up he went in flames, with fireworks shooting out of him.

The streets were crowded with locals and a few tourists.

Was up early to go check out Semuc Champey. It had poured rain all night long and it was a muddy/steep/rocky road to the park. I opted to catch a ride up to see it to save myself any issues. Glad I did.

it was a cool 6 mile ride into the park and I got there before 9am.

it was winding road with a couple spots that had cement for traction.

got to the park at the very end of this road, and had to pay 50 Quetzales to get in.

I hiked in to the highest viewing point. very steep and rugged trail to the top. Sam you would not have like this one

but the views were amazing. And I was the only one in the park at this point.

It is a unique geology, that the water enters above.

Then underground for the entire length of these teal colored pools… and comes out raging down below.

This was a very interesting place. You can swim in the pools and explore some caves around the edges.

In the rain forest…..

Then back out….

Headed back out.

Truck in front of us got stuck for awhile….

Very cool area to come to. But remote.

and why did the chicken cross the road? To almost get run over….

even out here some have satellites.

Back to town, ready to pack up and ride to Antigua.

Road the 6 miles of muddy/steep/gravel road to the main road.

Some parts were very slick with all the rain.

Then through some small villages on Market day. Have video of this 🙂

It started to rain again. But you can see the locals head filling the pick ups to get where they need to go.