Having been on this trip for 557 Days now, it is time for a bit of reflection as I have reached a big Milestone on this Journey. Indeed it is a destination that I have planned on from the beginning of this adventure. It has been a true blessing and very exciting as I share the last 12 days on the road, and their huge accomplishment riding from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska to Ushuaia with Dick and Diana, and Ken!!

It is the “fin del Mundo” (end of the world), but not the end of my trip! But a Milestone I will never forget!

For those of you following on Spotwalla map, it appears that the SPOT has lost connection with the satellites just south of Rio Grande, Tierra Del Fuego

Jumping for joy at the end of the world!

553 days ago was the start. Rode west with ADVrider Camogreg to the most westerly point in the US.

Then I rode across the US to see the space shuttle Launch summer 2011, and the most southern point in the US

Then North to the most easterly point in US,

Then to most Easterly point in North America. Outside St John, New Foundland

Then back across the United States covering 37 US states and 5 canadian provinces (I have ridden in 49 US states and all the Canadian Provinces on my past rides).

Then through Mexico, and Central America and now through South America to the End of the world with a side trip to Ride in the Himalayas. Including the highest Motorable road in the world at 18,380 feet!

In between my travels to ride in India I celebrated my 50th birthday with lovely friends and family

and had a few Parties to share stories and videos! (thanks Bob you are the very best Host!)

Met a beautiful woman while lobbying for more help for people and families dealing with Alzheimers Disease. Not sure where this will go in the future, but know that the meeting was a real blessing!

And my ADV rider friends in Portland!!

and some of my best friends in the world.

Through the Middle of the world

And now an milestone at the end of the world.

So much I have experienced, and so much I have gained as I have been on this journey. I shared the “destinations” above but know that they are only part of the journey. They are connected together in a way that never really can be explained. But as I have said so many times in this Ride Report, it has been the people I have met and the interactions that I have shared that are the most important part of the journey for me. and Actually everyone that has shared these pages of this Ride Report are important to me. Those that have Posted comments and encouragements, or PM and emailed me along the way, all that have helped me, and gone out of their ways to guide, share and encourage me, All the ADV riders and others who have had me stay in their homes or provided me help along the way and those that have simply read my ride report and enjoyed it! To all Thank You!!
In closing this long post. I would like to just share some of the people that I have ridden with on my ride. If I do not put you in …..The omission is not on purpose or because you were not important, but this thread is long enough and you all have lives to live, and it does not need to be a “war and peace” novel

My “guys” in the support group for Alzheimer’s that are caring for their wives. What an honor and privilege to know you as you show great love and strength as you to your best to care for your wives


Hells Canyon ADV rider. What a send off!

Thanks Ladybug. Your the best!

ADV riders from Portland

My Niece and her family

My aunt and uncle

My nephew Josh and His lovely wife Susan (and baby Eli …Now over a year old)

My step Son Jake

My Brother Bruce

My Brother Scott and Alison and the kids

My cousins (Mel and Laurel and Aunt Fran)


Don Weber

RTW Paul


Hutch451 and his brother Pork Butt

idave and ijulie


Pam, Paul and Carsen

Cstain Craig, Meagan and Ethan (eh)

Feo y Gordo and Pansy

Brother in Law Brad, Deb, and Nephew Adam

Childhood Buddy Tad & Family


Road rash


Mr Cob

Johny Dakar

His better Half


wetfest 2011


Miss Shrader 4th grade class.




Skip and Cathy (Idaho Sam)

Sherri Jo

Young James




Diana who did the Galapagos Islands with me


Court Rand

Chanderjeet and his little Sofia


Guaterider (Julio and Luisa)


Mike and Jill

Mathias (Hund)

Jordan and Anne

Dick and Diana and Ken.

WOW. Once I started reviewing photo from the last 553 days, it gets overwhelming …. I feel like I was presenting at the Academy Awards and I missed something in my big speech…. If I did not mention you by name or put your photo on the RR, forgive me. I have the memories in my mind and in my heart!! Thanks for understanding!

The reason for the long post is that I am grateful for this journey much more than the destination. The people I have connected with, through the ride are amazing. To me this is the real beauty of my journey and had made this experience such a rich one for me. I cannot explain in words that emotions that I feel as I look back over this ride. Gratitude is the one that seems to stand out to me! We have met as “strangers” but are now friends!!

equals “priceless” in my life. Thanks for following along!

And just a few stats on the trip so far…..

22,500 miles on my 1150 GS in 37 states and 5 provinces

23,100 on 800GS 14 coutries

3500 on Enfield in India

48,500 Miles total since June 2011 (78,053km Kilometers)

7 rear tires

2 crashes with little to no injury to me

(But the bike sustained one hole is side case and blown from tire, one bent fork tube)

More smiles and great experiences than I can imagine! and I still have plenty of journey left to go.