Well….. Sometimes things do not go as planned. As I road out of Semuc Champey and out on 12 Km of muddy, rocky, grave road. All was going well. But it had rained all night long and lots of water.

As I road the twisty roads toward Coban, Guatemala, with the goal of reaching Antigua late in the day.

I am running the K60 Heindenau Tires that were a bit squirrely in the wet pavement yesterday as I was told they were in wet pavement.

Well I was in a down hill curve and the rear was really squirrely, and broke loose to the outside. It took me into a deep ditch. Unfortunately just ahead was a large rock…..

I have run through the moments a thousand times already. If the rock was not there I could have stayed up and been ok. But it was there.

First, I am OK. Buen. Getting a bit stiff this afternoon…… Have a sort right foot but not much swelling. Think it hit the rock hard. My left need has a bit of swelling but will be OK.

I was up on a mountain road with lots of fog, and the road felt like ice in this corner….

Hepco Becker bags both came off but are all ok, other than a bit of road rash. At first I just thought I had blown my front tire, as it was flat.

You can see my scrapes as I tried to hug the top and get by the rock.

Front tire has a gash, and flat. Rim actually looks Ok, but have not pulled it yet to see.

But as I was taking a look at everything…..

Then I look down and see an oil slick, and then oil pouring out the right side of the of teh lower case.

My head fills with so many thought. I this the end of the trip…. How do I get my bike to Coban the nearest town…. A few trucks drove by, then a small pick up stopped. In my small amount of spanish I was able to communicate that the bike was broken and I needed to get to town. Moises and Hermelindo helped me load the bike into the bike of the pick up and off we go.

We get to the first bigger town with a moto shop. They point and say here? I say No I need to be me and the bike to Coban and a Hotel so I can get help getting my bike to Guatemala City and a BMW dealer. Moises, saws that he cannot drive there because of the police, and he does not have permission. ? not really sure but maybe it was not licensed. He stops and saw 1 minute….. I see some money change hands …. He comes back and says for 200 Quetzales (about $28 bucks). I say “si – mucho Gracias” and off we go.

They had a hard time finding the Hotel that I got out of Lonely Planet Guide. But finally they did and helped me unload the bike. Thanks Moises and Hermelindo. I gave them $300 Quetzales ($42 dollars) was grateful that they helped me out!!

Looks like the case is cracked Not again 🙁

But Frank from Guatemala has contacted me early on to say if I needed anything while in Guatemala he could help.
So I sent him a message and then called his cell phone from the hotel. He was AWESOME!!! He called the BMW dealer, and called me back to give me Jose’s Number, the BMW dealer GM. I called him right back and he is sending a truck to get me and the bike tomorrow, and we will then figure out what this will take to fix.

Frank asked “is this the end of the trip?”, do you think it is an expensive fix?” or “are you going to buy another bike?”
All these thoughts are swirling through my head. But I told him I wanted to get the bike to Guatemala city and see what happens.

He said great, and called me later to say he booked me a hotel near the dealer that he gets a good rate on!!

So My trip has taken a new direction and we will see how things evolve ……. Looks like I might get more Language School in Antigua 🙂