Got up early in the morning on Friday and replaced the front tube that got blown out, so that when the truck arrives this morning we could roll it up on the truck.

Then packed up, had breakfast and waited for the driver. The internet was out in the hotel in the morning so no access or way to update my Ride Report.

But I had a nice place to have a cup of coffee outside my room on the inner courtyard.

But at 10:00 Ricardo showed up with his Pick Up, BMW logo shirt and his family along. We get the bike and gear loaded.

it was a 4 hour truck ride back to Guatemala City to the BMW dealer through the mountains and traffic.

Some crazy drivers like this guy who was passing us on a blind curve then pulled in quickly as oncoming cars approached. He was hauling along.

Got to the Bavaria BMW dealer (cars and Motorcycles) and off loaded the bike.

Lots of bikes

As I walked into the dealer, it was easy to see they have security. It is Guatemala City

Found the GM Jose, who helped get my bike logged in. They have a big Christmas party on Saturday and are closed so they will not be able to look at my bike until Monday/Tuesday

Frank took me over to a hotel some blocks from the hotel and took my motogear and bags back to his house.

Had a chuckle at the hotel with this sign. Yea the bad guys always read them and comply.

But at least it is Christmas here

The next morning Frank had a driver from his company come and pick me up and take me out to Antigua (about 1.25 hours west of the city). Meet Marten.

The transito polica ride two up bikes ….

We roll into Antigua just afternoon. And find the hotel so I can settle in and relax!!

This is a really picturesque city. Looking forward to relaxing and enjoying. Lots of gringo’s here as they have tons or Spanish schools and things to see and do. Just a couple shots from my short walk about town.

Had dinner with a retired Canadian guy who is down here volunteering: great food!

And my day comes to a beautiful close