First full day out riding in india was a long one. My goals for riding in India have been to spend my time riding in the Himalayas. MoBill has a shorter timeline so we planned to make day one a long one so that we had time in the mountain region riding Rohtang Pass, and some of the other high passes here in northern India.

While most of you were just about to go to sleep, we were started off at 6:30am from Dehli. It was very hot riding through the plains 30C + with not wind protection. We made really good time on the Trunk road heading north. Reached our first spot to get some water, snack and then fuel in Chandigahr which was about 220 KM.

Took no photos or videos as I forgot to turn it on in excitement of driving out of town. as we were making tracks heading north. Driving in India is a fluid affair. Few lessons from day 1

1) You will use your Horn often. It is a polite way to communicate ….. let people you are passing, need some room, say hello etc

2) Driving on the wrong side of the road is easy to pick up except while pulling out onto two lane roads

3) It is great fun, as you just learn to go with the flow. Passing on the right (or left or center)

4) so many objects will be on the road, like cows, tuk tuks, carts, fancy 100+ K cars, Big overloaded trucks

5) Motorcycles sometimes capture the attention on other drivers. They smile, give you the thumbs up!! (at least that is what I thought they were doing!

6) Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate

7) you will use your horn often and get used to it quickly until the bracket breaks and the horn is gone

8) there are people everywhere in India

9) This is awesome, I am actually riding in India!

10) I have not Hindi to speak to anyone, and Spanish does not work in India

So after CJ headed us out of town, we rode quickly on the Trunk Road getting a feel of things like the bike, passing, avoiding, pointing out interesting things or “crazy” signs in English and Hindi.

We needed to get some Water so we pulled into a place that we knew would be clean….

It was 10:00 and they were serving breakfast. I have not eaten at McDonalds for many years (until CJ and family needed food at the mall and I tried the Veg Burger. It was good) so I laughed 2 times in one week.

We headed north and stopped as we were headed up the twisty mountain road.

Amazing views…. and very slightly cooler. But still HOT

Then over the hills down along some rivers.

Lots of Temples of every shape and size

Bill posted the photo of a family that also stopped, and were asking about the trip, and the father wanted to sit on the bike. It was great. They are vacationing from Bombay!!

No fuel gauge so I ran my bike until I had to get to reserve…. Was worried I might not find a gas station before I ran out, but I did. Gas works out to around $4.55 /Gallon or so. And for some reason my bike is getting about 20% less milage than MoBill’s ?

The views riding into the valley are stunning, but we did not stop for photos as Bill was focused and in the lead…

So we rolled into Manali at about 6PM after 12 hours of riding. The ergonomics we not that great on the bike, but it has been great to be riding here. Will sort out some of them, like the mirrors that continue to move around and usually are pointing upward. , right side foot peg is hard to keep your foot on…. etc.

But found the Repair shop right away. They had a horn, and new bracket. They put in on in a couple minutes for about $250 Rupees or about ($4.65 US) I was really missing the Horn, so glad to get it fixed.

Nice new horn.

As we road through town traffic was in full swing as it is a tourist town. Hours before my horn stopped working Was thinking that it was the Relay that JD had warned me about, but when we stopped I realized that my horn bracket had broken and the horn was gone.

Found a hotel and settled in for the evening. Got a good meal in the hotel, and walked around town a bit.

Walked into town.

It’s a tourist town and they have lots of shops selling all kinds of products from the area.

We splurged and stayed here our first night since we got in late and have not had a chance to check out the town and what the prices of hotels will be…