I had researched before coming to OZ about the bike registration, and thought I was fine with me Carnet de Passage. But upon arriving in Sydney, I realized there were automated Toll roads around so I might need to get a E-tag or E-pass to pay the fees around Australia. That started a bit of a goose chase the last two days.

Also I called about adding some type of Liability Insurance for my bike (US insurance does not work, and there is no universal world coverage). So I called a couple insurance companies….. I got Liability for other peoples property, but they told me I needed to get a “green Slip” in order to get the compulsory Liability insurance. OK…. Started at RTA (Roads and Transport Authority office).

As a foreigner, with a foreign register bike….. They did not really know. They gave me a couple forms, told me to go to a mechanic to get the “green Slip” inspection done. I went there but was told I needed a “import Authorization” that I was supposed to do before bring bike in. I forgot to bring all my paperwork, so had to come back the next day to see what would happen.

I arrive, show him my Carnet de Passage which he had never seen. I had called the Department of Infrastructure and was told that it was all I needed…. He made a couple calls, checked the bike and was filling out the “blue Slip” form that the RTA said I would need. He came to a question in the middle of the form and called someone else in the “tech department”…. Oh, with Carnet I need none of this….

OK. Back to RTA just to get an E-Tag for tolls….. No toll booths in Australia. The gals at the desk, did not know what to think, made some calls…. Told me as I have a carnet in NSW I have some type of foreigner Liability called Nominal Defendant Scheme from MAA (Motor Accident Authority) that would cover someone elses injury. OK great. NSW is a fault state as well.

And a sign in the office gave me more valuable information

I can tell in Oz, that they like to follow the rules very closely

So I called the insurance company back and wanted the extra coverage for liability for injury of others just in case….. Oh, with Carnet they can do it but had to sell me the full year not monthly yikes too much money!

All these types of details are normal, but take a bit of time to sort out and get yourself comfortable. At RTA they gave me a phone number to call for after I ride through toll roads, and I could pay my tolls per each time with Credit card.

The rest I will just need to leave as is and get out and ride!

Tourist day today….. Taking a bus downtown Sydney in a few minutes to explore the Rocks, Sydney Opera house etc….. Then will meet up with an ADV couple tonight for dinner, another rider and his family on Friday and a friend of a friend on Sunday to just take in a bit of Sydney before I start really riding!