Doubtful Sound

In Fjordland there are two main trips that people do by boat (I am sure there might be others too). Doubtful Sound will be my second. The boat leaves Manapouri to cross the lake, visit the power station, then bus you 22KM through the mountains to the boat in doubtful sound!

Wake up to another sunny day!! Catch the boat….. Gonna be a great day!

Fjordland is one of the rainiest places on earth. 250 days of rain I am told…. But today is great!

We make our way to west bay.

The mountains are big and majestic

And a rainbow to start the day!

After we get to West Bay, we take a bus to see the Largest Hydro electric Power Station in NZ

It was built in the 60’s and was an amazing engineering feat. We also protested by many at the time since it is inside a National Park. And the primary use was to get power to an Aluminium plant.

Cool Mock up. We had to drive down a two KM tunnel to get to the power station.

This is just the top of the turbines. But it is a huge place.

I am not a real fan of tours, on the boat, onto the bus, onto the boat etc. But it is the way to see the sights here. As we drove across the mountains the rainforest is lush and full of Beech trees.

As we crest the Wilmot pass at 1,800 Feet we get a great view of Doubtful sound!

Then down the hill to catch another boat. Leaving to moorage

4 hours cruising up and back on the sound!

It was great meeting other travelers. Met Wayne and his wife Jane from Australia. They are repeat travelers on Ferriswheelsafari motorbike rides, and will be heading to Iceland in May!

Lots of places to view on the boat.

Just a very scenic area. But without much rain lately, not many waterfalls either. But I am liking the sunshine!

Some waterfalls.

We cruised out to the edge of the Tasman sea.

A large cruise ship heading out!

Too many photos to share!

The mountains go up 4,000+ feet. It is amazing

Hard to have perspective, but some Kayakers paddling nearby!

At one point they cut the engines, had some time of silence so we could hear the birds and enjoy the moment!

Bus rear grill.. :lol

Heading back to Manapouri after a wonderful day on Doubtful sound!

I stayed in a motel with a great view out over the lake and mountains the past few nights while exploring the area!

Good night!