El Calafate The Perito Moreno Glacier

So many places to see in this area. We passed by El Chaiten which is up by Mt Fitz Roy (but I will go there on my ride back up this way after Ushuaia as I am on a timeline right now).

We signed up for a Mini trek up on the Glacier including the boat ride near the glacier. Tourist Day at Perito Moreno

It is one of 3 Glaciers in the world that is not receding. But it “calves” about 2 meters of ice per day. It is amazing to hear the cracking and see things falling off. The face is about 150 feet high, and 3 miles across the front. It also extends up the mountain about 25-30 KM. Amazing!

The Glacier is about 50KM west of town. The tour for 10 hours was 600 Pesos ($116 USD) and then $100 Peso entrance fee into the park. You can also just ride out to the park and see the Glacier and then take the boat, but the Mini trek was great fun and I would recommend the splurge.

First stop where we start to see the Glacier, all us tourists get off to take the photo.

The next stop gets you right in front of the Glacier.

Here we are…. Having a great start to our day! Diana, “Ricardo”, Ken and Radioman

The glaciers size is really amazing ….

Really cool to see.

Then you get on a boat and motor up near the glacier and then land up near the glacier

It is stunning

We have our lunch and get ready to hike up on the Glacier

Wahooo…. This is great fun!!

The ice is really blue and so cool to see up close.

and still try to keep perspective on how big the glacier really is

We will be heading up here…..

We put on Crampons to grip the ice.

On the tour, you always get to interact with other travelers from all over the world. This is Michala and Adena (sorry for the mispelled names) They are from Romania but are working as doctors in the US. Michala was holding KIWI They were great as we lots of the other travelers as they explore the world like we are doing! We had lots of laughs and time to share our stories as they day progressed!

The ice holes are really blue!!

Jumping with Cramp ons is a bit tricky, but Ken has the photography for jumping down.

At the end of the glacier trek….. We toast as the glacier tradition. Salud

Whiskey with thousnd year old ice

Thanks to Diana, I have some photos of myself enjoying the experience!

The lovely Dick and Diana!! We have had a great time getting to know each other !!

We have ridden well together, enjoyed conversations, meals and riding together!!

Just a couple more of the glacier.It was too cool!

Another great day on the road, I mean Glacier!!

After a great day riding….. We got back to the Hotel, but I noticed a group of riders at the gas pump…… So I wandered over to say hello!
Meet Chuck and his sons who are from Seattle!! They are down riding for a few weeks finishing up some places they missed after a 2009 ride!

Pleasure meeting you guys. I will be in touch!