El Calafate to Torres Del Paines National Park

We stayed at a great place in El Calafate. My style of travel has changed with the time I have spent with my new friends from New Zealand. But it is great for me and still within my personal budget. and it is great to be able to splurge a bit at this stage of the ride!!

Ken and I shared one of the cabanas and it had a living room, kitchen, and two separate rooms. They brought breakfast to our room!!

We headed south again on Ruta 40 to Esparanza (gas stop) as the one on the “cut off” road does not have fuel and there is no fuel in the National park.

In Esparanza, we got gas and went across the street for a coffee, and several tour buses where there. Diana was holding court with some of the interested passengers! They were amazed that Dick and Diana and Ken and Shirley were riding Alaska to Ushuaia on bike!! (while all of them were stuck on a tour bus!) Great going you guys!

We turn off the Ruta 40 and head to the border crossing into Chile and Torres Del Paine park.

First check out of Argentina

A bus had arrived just ahead of us, so the immigration guys flagged us over to an outside window, stamped our passports and directed us to Aduana. Took just 15 minutes and we were back on the bikes riding down the gravel road to Chilean border crossing and Aduana.

Inside it was busy with bus travelers, but all well marked Chile Entrance and Exit windows, and same for customs.

Had a good chuckle at the bathroom signs. Google translate?

Heading northwest into the park. Had extra fuel with us that I needed as fuel was down in Puerto Natales but that is 100 Km away, and we did not want to have to come down and back!

More Guanaco along the road. They can spit really far!

Just a small glimpse of the mountains as we ride into the park.

We ride into the Hotel Torres which is the prime spot for seeing the huge mountains and rocks that are the main attraction. It was real cloudy and we decided to splurge instead of camp. After we unloaded the bikes, it started to rain!!

Note: staying within the park at any hostel or Hotel is really expensive like it is in the US national parks. They also have fancy food, that was expense, but we enjoyed it!!

BBQ lamb

We parked our bikes right next to the building.

Hoping for a little break in the weather so we can see the mountains tomorrow as we ride through the park.