El Chatlen, Chile

Next morning I awoke to a beautiful but almost surreal sight. Mt Fitz Roy just over the hill from town.

I had talked to the owner in of the Pasado where I stayed and he said if it is clear, take the walk to Cerro Torre. It was a 11 KM walk up then 11Km walk back. I head out at 8AM, planning to enjoy the hike into this beautiful area.

I continue hiking into the mountains. Was great to just see the views of the mountains, plants, birds and enjoy the silence and peacefulness of the trail. I used to hike and climb a great deal in my youth, so this was great for me!

Lots of rocky mountains…

As I arrive to the first “Mirador” the clouds are sweeping about Mt Fitz Roy

And I see Cerro Torres in the clouds as well.

Lots of gnarled and windblown trees

Southern Beech trees with vivid green leaves

I continue up the trail and enjoy the views ….

Up and down the trail that takes through the forest and woods closer to the spectacular views of the mountains.

Huge valley on the way in….

As I get closer to Cerro Torres the clouds seem to be building, and the owner said if gets cloudy head for the main trail to Fitz Roy. I check my map and find a trail that passes two lakes and conects to the main trail….. Off I walk. I have a great anticipation of what I will be seeing close up.

Up up and over the hills I go

Camo Frogs along the way

Trail along the lake starts to show me a totally different view of the mountains.

I join the main trail for the steeper hike up to the Tres Largo at the base of My Fitz Roy

Have to cross over a few rivers

Enjoying the smell fo the surrounding mountains. Lots to see here.

And the hike up further, not for the weak of heart!!

after a couple hour hike up the very steep and strenuous trail. The reward!!

Wahoooo! (thanks to a fellow traveler, Brianna and Sedale… got another cool jumping photo)

It is a amazing place to just sit and take in.

As I hike out the trail, I meet another hike Named Drew from Boston. really great guy on a bit of a sabatical from work traveling here. We ended up meeting later for dinner and found out that His Dad is Ray, one of the Car Talk guys. I was just telling young James about them in Ushuaia.


But the visa on the way out were amazing!

Ate a really great dinner here.

I stayed in this little place. The view that afternoon was great!

Was a long day of hiking …. good solid 9 hours and I hiked about 30KM. It was truly amazing!!