One of the greatest parts of my sharing my journey on ADV Rider and my Blog is that I have met, and interacted with many wonderful people.

And as my adventure goes……. Conor I am met online and then had the pleasure of crossing paths in Central and South America!

He happened to check my RR and see that I was in south Florida….. He is also here after shipping his bike to Miami from South America. Small world.

So we talked and worked out the way to meet up for a meal in Key Largo. Spotted him as we were riding through town, and pulled along side of him on the road. Wanted to shock him with some hand gestures or provocative poses, but he figured out it was us right away

How can this be? What? we are now back in the USA?

We had lunch and some dessert while catching up on our riding since we last spoke in Colombia! Lots of Adventure stories to share for sure!

Here in sunny Florida!!

Conor had to get behind the wheel of the S4 to get the feel of a fast car…..

We ended up staying at a hotel on the beach ….. Conors room had a view of the dumpster and side yard

Just missing the prices of lodging in Mexico, Central America and South America

But there was some cool green Iguanas hanging about!

We signed up for a day of snorkeling while Conor made sure to get up at the Crack of 11 so he could continue riding north.

Had to say goodbye with a note on his bike….

and reply

Great to see you Conor!! Until we meet again!!

The rest of the week was spent enjoying the area, some projects, catching up baking pies and watching the sun Rise

Former Jr High coach posted this on my FB page….

Decided it needed some updates of the course of the week….

and the final one on 4th of July.

With all the Pies…. Starting to wonder if I have been eating too much Pie?

Life is good !! Will be flying back to Portland Tomorrow …… Spend a week with my friend sightseeing, then catching up with friends, riding my Big GS a bit before the return to Quito in August!!