Glad we resolved the metric issue

Been really busy on my time at “home”. But it has been some exciting stuff happening as I transition my ride to New Zealand.

Received my Carnet, and several packages of new gear including a new Go pro 3 and camera. So I have been running fairly fast and not much time to Relax

Also got some new custom earplugs made….

A couple months ago, someone contacted a motorcycle gear company and told them they should look at my RR …..They contacted me, and we traded emails about there products and the possibility to supply me with some gear, including a riding suit that is in development.

So I planned a trip to go to see them while I am back. So I flew and drove to see them in the wintery state of Idaho.

I arrive at the Headquarters of Klim USA, in Rigby Idaho on a sunny but cold morning at 2 Degrees F.

Met with Mark Kincart of Klim and had a great day meeting there designers and seeing the impressive facility.

Klim has given me one of the only samples of their Adventure Rally AIr suit that will not actually come to the market until 2014. So I will be a Gear testers This suit is right up my alley and I am looking forward to using it.

Heading back to Portland with some new gear!! Thanks to Klim! Will get some photos of the gear before I fly to NZ

We did a little interview while I was at Klim.

Lots more to follow on riding with new gear!