Exploring around Queenstown

Awoke to another clear, blue sky day.

have just started having a little intermittent starting problem. Started a few days ago. Bike was just cracking with no ignition. Turned key on and off…. and she then ran all day long. Googled the issue with some results. and also called Sebastian at Experience BMW and talked through the possibilities. The side stand switch seemed most responsible. Took it off and zip tied it on the run position and then road all day and had no issues. Hopefully that will be it.

Just not wanting to get stuck in a remote place and not be able to start the bike.

Headed up the lake to Glenochy.

Then got on the gravel road heading to Dart River

And a few water crossings

Arrive at the end of the road…

Not a bad place to ride

Worth a big jump!!

Big spaces and mountains

Just stunning !

On the way down this road….. I could see where I needed to stop

LOL GPS got me to Paradise

It is a nice homestead nestled amongst the mountains and rivers.

The homestead dog “Karuhu” took the walk up the hill to see the mountains.

Just so much to take in on this ride today. The natural beauty is beyond words. It is remote, quiet and peaceful !!

Then back up along the lake toward Queenstown to explore some other off road areas.

Found the entrance to Skippers Road which was an old gold mining town in the mid 1800’s.

Looks like a good place to ride


Down the valley it goes

Nice view down to the Shotover river Famous for it’s jet boat tours and white water rafting closer to town.

Spectacular scenery

Bridge just before I get to the old settlement

Very High bridge!

View from near settlement!

Found the site. Looked at the buildings and school. Was s booming town at the time, with school, hotels, bank etc.

It has long since abandoned except the historical values!

Rode back out the canyons, and I quick ride to the top of the sky area. Wonderful twisty roads!

Staying with my friends Dick and Diana in Queenstown has been great! Getting a chance to relax, explore on day trips and enjoy our conversations and time together!