Popayan is a different city than others we have been in. It has whitewashed downtown area where we stayed.

It was Valentines Day…. But did not have any meaning for me. My wife never liked Valentines Day so I never did anything on that day (she really did not want me to, got “mad” at me once early in our courtship when i did, but that was because she felt it was too commercial and that sharing your love should be done all year round not on a “holiday”. I loved to bring my wife fresh flowers and mushy cards at random times, and she loved it too was one of the reasons we had a great life and marriage to each other.

Since we arrived late, and the hostel did not have secure parking we ended up paying more in a hotel. It was $23 USD each including breakfast in the AM, and WIFI so we could get some things caught up online.

Across from our room had a great covered patio to hang out and watch the world go by including the changing weather!

As I was checking some Latin America Threads I see Colombianito actually now lives in Popayan. I send him a PM to just say Hello. No expectations other than to connect with another ADV rider.

I go for a little walk about town in the afternoon while James works on uploading videos. And Colombianito rides up to say hello in person

He tells us more about the area, How he and his wife own a hotel in Cali and other business ventures here, and we have a great conversation!! Then he is off on his new Honda 650 Tornado! Thanks for coming to see us and share so much about Colombia.

He gives us an America Salute as he pulls away!

Colombia is certainly a mix of new and old. Guy delivering fruits to local stores pushing his cart down the streets.

More churches

And some cool artwork on the walls….

These ladies are making up some empanada de pipian which are a local speciality that I wanted to try. You dip them in a spicy Peanut sauce.

Had some rain, which is cold as you are up over 5,000 feet.

We took a day off to relax and just catch up a bit.

We get ready to leave the next day and James tire sensors tell him he has a flat tire. Must have been punctured by one of the rocks coming over the mountain.

Plug it up…..

Just as we wrap up Larry comes by. Great timing as he shows us to a hardware store. James lost a bolt in the rough roads in the mountains.

Guys from the hardware store checking out James bike.

While Larry and I talk about riding, life and a few other things.

We say goodbye as we head down the road to Pasto. Thanks Larry

We had a great ride along the mountains, down into the valleys as we ride the roughly 200 miles.

really great views as we go.

Stopping to get some photos ….

As we get closer to Pasto we climb up in elevation and some amazing scenery unfolds

Had to stop for some video.

Waiting for road construction just outside of Pasto.

We arrived in Pasto which is a city of 370,000 at 2,550 M (8,369 feet). road around a bit and then found a hotel because we needed secure parking. The hotel had great beds. Again cost us a bit more but included breakfast and we knew we needed to get a good rest before heading to the Ecuadorian border. Last night in Colombia