Taking some days in Quito to work on a few things.

Stayed at a good hostel Casa Helbling. Has secure parking !

We have seen more Jugglers at lights as we rode south. They Juggle then ask for $ before the light turns green.

One of the things I really needed to do was figure out if I could extend my bikes import from 90 Days to 180 days. They would not do it at the Border but gave me the Quioto office. So I had been emailing with Throttlemeister and gpothoven. Since my Spanish is very limited, Guido agreed to go with me to Aduana office to see if could be done. We wrote a letter in Spanish, Then he drove me to customs. After finding the office and explaining all the details. They were having NONE of IT. Frustrating, as it seems simple, but they follow the rules.

Restaurant La Choris!! Had a great steak there!! Thanks Guido!!

Here is a thread for the restaurant and how to get there.


Yummy Best steak I have had in a long time!! I recommend you plan to stop here and get a bit to eat!! Say Hola from Radioman!

cool painted walls as well!

Big Thanks to Guido for going out of his way to help me try and get the extension. The ADV riders that I have met have been amazing to me and really makes this kind of travel fun. You feel like you have help everywhere!!

Here is Guido and his wife as they run the restaurant! Great place. I will be back again soon!

After this failed attempt with Customs, I had to get a trip out to the Galapagos sorted out. Have a friend from Portland flying down to go with me to the islands, so I worked out a 6 day/5 night trip on a good boat, then all the other arrangements for a March trip to the Galapagos. Not a cheap trip, but will be an awesome experience. Sheri Jo and Kevin just returned and had an amazing experience snorkling adn diving with Sea lions, Sharks and many other animals! Said it was fantastic!

After all that was done, James and I needed to go to a Moto shop for Oil and some other stuff. Quickly found Court at Freedom and he was great about helping us locate places!! and gave us some good routing information.


Thanks Court!!

We get to this place.

and they had a great selection of parts and gear. One of the biggest we have seen since Medellin. I actually purchased a Metal Chain guard as my original Plastic one was rattling around and making noise on the rough roads.

They had this poster up, and thought of Mr Cobb!

As we walked in Hector walks up to James and says “you must be the Famous James” He had seem our bikes at Casa Helbling and James has a sticker on his tail bag that says Famous James. Was funny

Hector is a great guy who is working here in Ecuador. Was thinking about buying a KTM 990… But said he needed a push ….. So I did my best

Next day ….. He buy this used one! (blaming me ) Ride safe Hector!!

We met up with Sheri Jo and Kevin at Vista Hermosa Restaurant in Old town for a great dinner and amazing view of the old town.

James was having fun goofing around in the lobby.

After meeting up with Hector, we decided to Celebrate his new KTM 990 Purchase, and went to a great Italian restaurant near the Hostel.

Including a wonderful Tiramisu

Sunday James and I road up to Mitad Del Mundo to sit on the Equator. It is a touristy park but we are on the Equator!

First a photo with Hector and his new bike!

Mitad Del Mundo

James Holding the world in his hand.

Yup we are tourists.

The big Monument

Yea, Max was here too!

And as we were leaving the park…. BBQ guinea pig

On our way back to Quito we had lots of traffic as it was really heavy. It is a holiday weekend!

As we got back near our Hostel be saw a few Harleys at a coffee shop So we stopped to say hello!

As we were talking, the dark clouds rolled in, and the rain starts!!

couple of the guys got up and tried to put there bikes under the Police cover.

But the police came over and told them to move

These were great guys! Very Friendly!!

And a few notes on Ecuador! Gas is cheap $2.10 for Premium.

We have found that in Quito it is a big city and it has a bit of an uneasy feel as far as safety goes. You just have to be careful with everything. Lots of petty theft. Just have to be aware. Not a real issue for us, but you need to be on guard!

Lots more to tell But another rider Clark White just pulled in, and we need to catch up.