After so many border crossings in Central America that are hectic, hot and long. Crossing into Ecuador was going to be “tranquillo”.

Pulled up to the Border station, which came up really fast after Ipiales. Parked our bikes, no “helpers” running up, big sign so we knew where to go. Nice. Just two guys who wanted to change money for us.

I can see Ecuador while waiting to get my passport stamped out of Colombia.

James in line …. They had lines to wait in…. Nice

After getting passports stamped out, we walked around the corner to the “aduana” office to sign our bikes out. Paperwork was stamped and tossed into the outgoing bin, and we were on to Ecuador in 30 minutes !


We happened to hit the border crossing with many people checking in at the same time… So we had to wait but it was orderly and comfortable, just took a bit of time. No Helpers or people rushing up to us except to check out the bikes and get some photos on them. I got in line and James enjoyed the spotlight!

He is in the photo with this group. I had to smile 🙂

As we were let into the passport office to get stamped there were some interesting big signs.

When people put up signs it is usually for a reason.

After a 40 minute wait, we were stamped into Ecuador. Then walked to the Aduana office just down in the next building. They were very friendly! Two customs guys each one took one of our paperwork, filled out there forms on their computers and printed, stamped and Signed our Bike import for 90 days. I tried to get them to give me 180 days but they could not do it. But they were smiling and friendly! But it was a great border crossing even though it took 1 hour 45 minutes. Saw Throttlemeisters Sticker on their file cabinet

Beautiful ride into Ecuador. it was about 3 hours to Quito from the border and we did had a heavy bit of rain for about 15 minutes.

We stayed at Casa Helbling in Quito. Nice Hostel run by Claus a German guy. Place to park the Moto’s.

We are staying in Quito for 5 days or so to relax, plan some of the next parts of the trip for me, Get james Camera repaired, etc. Met up with Sherry Jo and Kevin who just returned from the Galapagos and Had a great time. Was good because I had been researching this and they were helpful with information.

More of Quito follies soon.