Thanks so much for all the kind and supportive comments.

It was indeed an emotional day as we rode out of Medellin toward Bucaramanga. But it was a good day as I reflected back on the many memories that i have to be thankful for!! As a guy, my emotions are not normally just under the surface like this but with losing Chris I have learned it is part of the grief process. You can either accept this or cover up the pain in many of the wrong ways. I’m not perfect, and have certainly tried to cover up the pain at times, but it never really works

The other part of this is a solo journey for me. Others around me are unaware of my personal story or my loss of Chris, so they do not really know what is going on inside me. Not their fault or responsibility, but it is strange. Sort of like having a secret to yourself. I am clear that my loss is but one, and it is certainly part of life. As the survivor, I am carrying on and will make the most of the life I have ahead of me!

Anyway, riding out of Medellin. Not sure what the big Plumb Bob is …. but rode right under it. Clouds in the mountains….

Had a laugh as we headed into Barbosa, and there was a flock or Vultures flying overhead. After Young James had added his “vulture Killer” sticker ….. we had a good laugh.

Lots of them

Nice ride out through the mountains

Look…. Ladybug is now represented on my side case. She will be watching over me …. reminding me gentle to be safe

Huge waterfall, and trucks with big pipes.

Interesting scenery and people along the way.

We are loaded like the Donkey’s

There are motorbikes in ever town, and they use them to move stuff around. It is normal because that is what they have. Of course we cannot believe the one handed riding, or the carrying of big objects.

Cannot stay behind these guys…

James right before he passed the police van

Rode into Giron which is a small town near Bucaramanga, Colombia.

Parking our bikes in the hotel lobby.

We stayed right on the main square but arrived a dark, and not much was open. We ended up buying some groceries and cooking some pasta in the room as James is carrying camping gear!

Was a good long ride today and even with all the emotions was a good day. Communicated with friends from all over about Chris and that made me smile. We have the greatest friends in our lives, and that it truly important while facing difficult things…..