We stayed here, at the Alternative Hostel. Just outside the old town. Xavier who runs the place is great! It is $10. PP /Night. Comfortable beds, hot shower, and a secure garage for the Motos!

Both Clark and James had oil changes to do.

and James did his Valve Adjustments as well.

It is Ash Wednesday in a primarily Catholic country.

So we saw lots of people coming from Mass with ash crosses on their foreheads.

We walked around town in the morning and the churches had 4-5 services during the day.

Lots of ice cream and snacks for those going to church.

Enjoying the architecture

These rain gutter downspouts were interesting.

Clark doing a bot of shopping for his girlfriend.

We just needed to get a few things done while stopping in town. Xavier from the hostel was trying to explain where I needed to go to get a sticker for my bike. Then he said, “i’ll show you” . He jumped on his little bike, and road with me.

At the sticker shop I had one made for my bike that will show on my videos!

They make up anything that you want and it gets cut out of 7 year Vinyl.

One of the things in Central and South America that is different from the US is that there are repair shops for almost everything. This was right on the main square and was a TV repair shop. Bit messy but instead of tossing your broken TV, they fix them. With the low labor rate and the high cost of new goods. it works.

For dinner we walked back into old town square.

Had a great italian Dinner!

Internet has been a bit on and off, so it makes getting things updated challenging! We will stay here a couple more days so we can explore and work on some video editing.