The last three days have been spent relaxing in Cuenca, Ecuador. It is an old colonial city and have a good feel to it. We have just decided to hang out and relax. Have been working on some new plans for April-July and needed time to get it sorted out.

James was working hard at some computer stuff

Clark was updating an article his is writing and editing photos….

We went to the SuperMaxi Grocery store and the manager followed us out. Wanted to know about the bikes, where we are from, and where we are going. He told us to wait a minute, and came back with three Grey sleeping mats Very nice gesture!

We were back at the ice cream shop after dinner one night and decided to try the Mojito flavor. Was not too bad for a taste. But with the language barrier, Clark somehow ordered a full cone of Mojito

The city has some great buildings that are well lite at night.

Yesterday we rode out to the National Parque Cajas.

It is a huge park that you can ride a paved road 4,158 Meters (13,668 feet).

We had a great time riding and shooting some video. And of course we had to check out the local wildlife

Cuenca, Ecuador has a large ExPat community who retire here from the US. Have not seen too many of them, but read that this is one of the biggest destinations in all of South America. WHo knew…. I’m sure the cost of living, mild temps, good medical care are reasons for this.

The people have been friendly and this is a nice place to hang out for awhile.