Woke up today and it was raining really hard. The good thing about long term travel is that I have no schedule. Have been working on some plans and it has been good to have some time here with not too much planned!

Saturday we went to a local Market to pick up some fresh pasta, fruit etc. Always interesting to check out the local areas.

many of the ladies were dress in traditional outfits with there hats!

Lots of bulk grains, pasta and rice. Cost us .70 cents for Pasta for three.

Basket of Chocolate “ribbons”

This woman was amazing as she sold us some. When we tried it after we got back, it was not sweet chocolate, but for cooking.

We went downtown for dinner and enjoyed the 3 new Royal Enfields sitting along the curb.

We had dinner at La Vin. Great food!! Goofy riding buddies!

Sunday Morning i went to a church service that was in english. I met a guy in a shop and he asked if I wanted to go, and gave me the information. For me, It was great to go to church!

Service was in English and I appreciated being there. The music was uplifting and I met some people that live here now. Gary and Sue even added a post about “radioman” on their own blog. Was great to get to go out to lunch with them and some other expat’s now living in Cuenca! Was an encouragement and blessing to meet them. Here is a link to there blog and they wrote a book about being an expat living in Ecuador. Sure it would be helpful to people looking to move here!


Clark had headed off this Am to ride into Peru as he needs to arrive in Lima to meet up with his Girlfriend and couple of Friends. Was great riding with him for a few days!

As part of traveling in a foreign country you always need to get Cash. Ecuador uses USD $ which seems strange to be here and using USD. We have had many ATM machines with limits of $100 per transaction so you have to get to them often. The other thing that is funny is that they give you $20.00 Bills and sometimes the small shops do not have change for $10.

With another day to do some video editing and internet stuff, we also had time to explore some local ruins of an old society.

At breakfast enjoyed this guy carrying his brooms to be sold.

and some local ladies heading into town.

We also saw a guy on a Tenere 660 with British plate ride by, but we were too slow to flag him down. Not sure who he is??