We headed out of Cuenca over the Las Cajas National park toward the coastal plains. We have been up at 7-8K since arriving into Ecuador as Quito and Cuenca are in the Mountains.

Over the pass and then down the other side had some really great roads.

Young James is the little dot in the first little “s” turn. Great stretch of road, then we were on and off in the clouds.

Was 40 degree F at the top and almost 90 degrees as soon as we go down into the coastal plains.

As we rode, I somehow had my small waterproof Camera come loose from it’s mounted spot. Never felt it go…… But lost it somewhere north of Guayaquil …. Hope someone finds it and get to use it. Lost some photos of Xavier who was the great guy who run the Alternative Hostel. and some good shots from the road. Bummer. Will need to replace this but have not seen any of these cameras on Central or South America. Used this camera a great deal of the time so I will miss it. I still have my 4/3rds Digital Camera so I will make it work.

We rode into Manta which is a Port town, and neither of us really liked it. Stayed in a small hotel, that we called our “prison cell” for the night, then would move along to Canoa in the morning.

Had a front headlight go out, but fortunately I carry spares.

We rode through some really heavy rain in Guayaquil and both of hit a path of very slippery stuff had the bikes sliding around, but we powered out

Loved the name of this little town. (pronounced “hippy hopa”)

We road about 240 miles today on mostly really good roads. As we got out near the coast there was lots of flooding in some of the small towns. Photos in my lost camera