While planning for this ride, and while on the road, it is a constant quest to research and find out about places to see, roads to find, and new people to meet. In the Latin America thread I saw a post by miguelitro, who is living in Canoa which is a small beach town that looked interesting to visit. PM’d Mike and he responded with “stop on by”

So we did. Rolled into his from yard at about 10AM.

Mike and His lovely wife Rachel greeted us, made us a cup of coffee and we had a chat with them and there really nice Neighbors from Canada!

Miked walked us around town until we checked out places to stay. Decided on the Hostel Coco Loco

Parked the bikes in the Palm tree lined courtyard. Got on some shorts and enjoyed the town.

Have a room with a view.

took a nice walk on the beach. This is always great to take in the fresh air….. Think about life and all the many facets. Reflecting, being thankful for the life I have and this journey that I am on!

Mikes neighbors heading for a swim. Already feels like we know people in town

It’s a small beach town, ready for the crowds on the weekend and special holidays.

Lots of fishing boats on the beach.

Hostel Coco loco

Some local kids next door. Lots of Che Guevara artwork all over Central and South America.

More information on Che.

As evening came on, we met Mike and his wife down at the Surf Shack. Lots of gringos hang out here, and we met many of the locals!

Nice warm weather, and meeting new people!

Capturing a little sunset! Cheers!

This one is for Clark as he is now in Lima, Peru! and we are at the beach! He would have liked it here!

James Yucking it up with Mike and Victor!

Moved upstairs to the Bar and met Victor and Amanda. Had a great evening! Thanks Mike and Rachel!!

after we closed down the Bar. James gave Victor a bit of a snuggle on his bike