Barichara was a really cool town up on a hill. Relaxing and a great place to just stop and relax!

Or do some fooling around!

The little stores had all their goods stacked up high. Liked the way they looked.

Building materials waiting the next project. The bricks and they use round poles as roof supports.

Last photo at the top of Barichara

We are at around 5,000 feet and the terrain is great for riding. But like all of this trip you have to watch for the unexpected potholes, animals in the road, crazy truck drivers!

Someone had a bad day….. Not sure what happened.

Had a great ride….

cool sun flares on the way.

Our GPS sent us into town the back way up a rough Gravel road….

Great views….

We had a great ride to Villa de Leyva which is an old colonial town. It has the Major Plaza which is the largest in the Americas. Hard to give you a good photo 🙂

it was cool at night.

The streets have smaller rounded “Wobblestones” harder to walk and ride.

The kids heading to school.

Quiet place on the weekdays. Fun to walk around.

We are staying just off the Plaza at Hospederia La Villa. Cheap place $12.50 USD for a single room. My bathroom is a multipurpose. You can shower, use the toilet and shave all at once

After leaving Medellin my rear tire was slowly going flat. I had converted the rear rim to be tubeless at Woody’s Wheel Works. We had diagnosed that the spokes were leaking air Did not know what happened other than I had my rear tire changed back on Medellin.

So decided to keep pumping it up until I could make a run to Bogota to get a couple of spare tubes which would fix the problem. Nagging question what happened…. Talked with Woody’s and they had never had one fail….

Rode into Bogota and Edgar at Autogermania was really helpful!!

We was ready and got my bike right into the shop.

even got a free cup of coffee and BMW water

Took us into the shop after they pulled my rear rim. It is part of a large BMW car dealer…. Really upscale wow.

With quick look….. The job that Woody’s did, got destroyed during the tire change. Looks like they took the strapping tape off the rim that was part of the sealing process, then the next layer just broke loose and allowed the rim to leak. Arggg!

They put in a tube, and tire back on… Back on the road again.