Had a relaxing time in Villa de Leyva. Nice food here!

Met this guy who was riding his bike back to Argentina!!

His new Googles

explored a bit of town, and also spent some time on the internet researching some future plans.

Lots of wool ponchos appearing on the locals.

Time for some people watching….

Welcome to my office

Later in the day ….. Wow. The skies opened up. Fortunately the woman who ran the hotel had thoughtfully covered our bikes up.

The water was really coming down. Making rivers in the street….and the main plaza.

Glad we were not riding in this Just relaxing in town.

James messing around in the ice cream shop. The wooden Indian would not share his ice cream cone!

The next morning. The 8th. The sun was out…

As we were packing up Travis (I think) had a Iron Horse BMW hat. He is from Arizona and has been riding his bike in Russia, South Korea, and into northern Africa before he could not get some visa’s he needed. So he flew to Columbia to check it out!

Leaving town.

Leaving Villa de Leyva we decided to check out some of the local tourist sights… There maps and directions left a good deal to be desired, so we finally headed the 70 miles to Zipaquira to check out the Salt Cathedral.

We road but a large Parque that had a small ceremony going on…..

Arrived at the Salt mine at around 1:30 and had heard that it was interesting.

Heading into the salt mine to check it out.

They like their lights here!

The Salt Cathedral is a series of Crosses dug out of the salt mine. there are 13 of them and then the Cathedral. They are all lighted and change colors…

They are huge. Cannot tell by the stand alone photos.

Too many photos to share.

Hey my knee is better. This is really cool!

This is way down in the mine overlooking the main cathedral. It holds 8500 People on Sundays.

Another chamber. See how small I am.

Huge columns in the main Cathedral.

Side room.

was a very cool thing to see.

There were also some cool carvings that they were working on.

we decided to stay in Zipaquira which is a small town. Had a good hotel, but not much going on in town except Clothes and shoe shops.

fresh Mango stands that sell you Mango pieces ….

They also have Cel phone rentals. The phones all have long chains so you do not run off!

They also had tons of Cel phone covers of every shape and size!!

Stayed here.

Main square.

out back in the hotel was an old bike and a Harley Fairing. Interesting

James cannot pass up some ice cream!!

Local police bike…..