We had to ride through Bogota on our way south. Lots of traffic, missing manhole covers

Lots of Moto shops all over Colombia as it is a major transport for so many. Always cool stuff to look at.

Bogota is over 7,500 feet and as we road south we climbed higher into the clouds. was a chilly 50 degrees.

Had some great views

and some twisty.

and a large rock overhang. Take a deep breath…

Have seem so many crazy things being carried on motorcycles. Here are two guys with their weedeaters

After about 6 hours riding we arrived at the Tatacoa desert north of Neiva. It is a small arid desert surrounded by the northern Andes. it is a cool little stop on our way south.

Interesting geology to check out.

We had a guide showing us around.

There was a natural spring that you could swim in.

James always trying to capture just the right photo

Sunsetting over the desert.

Goofing around.

Just enjoying the moments.

There is an observatory on here. There was a bus load of kids from Bogota getting a lesson in the stars.

On our walk back to the cabana we were staying at, Cows in the road. James taking this photo.

The next morning …. Got some photos….. Welcome to my office today

Really like this shot. thanks James.

Enjoyed our day checking out the tiny desert area. Colombia has some really diverse terrain.