G Gregories to El Calafate

Left Gregories early hoping for less windy on Ruta 40. You start off with 110 miles of gravel roads.

We had a great morning with not too much wind, but it picked up later in the morning and we got taste of what the wind can be like!

At about 110 miles out the new road has a bit of tarseal so we take a shortcut over….. Dick and Diana catch a deep spot of gravel and rock. You have to be careful with the cross over as they are still working on the road, and have many barriers to keep people from driving on it until they are done. Mostly better to wait until the gravel gets directed on to the new Blacktop

Then it is wide open to El Calafate

Ken rolling along!

Just lots of open plains on Ruta 40. and wind…

Some places around Tres Largos that are still under construction.

The gravel varies a great deal. Hard pack, lose Marbles like stones, ridges etc.

lots of work trucks. Not the dust is blowing sideways….

A herd of Guanaco along the road. Was fun to see them hop the fences!

we saw some of these : Darwin’s Rhea (Rhea pennata), also known as the Lesser Rhea they run about 30MOH, as I rode along side of one for aways, until he ran into the fence

Bit of a water crossing….

Riding back toward the Andes. Mt Fitz Roy in the far back. Last stop before we head into El Calafate.

Yes it is windy …. but not too bad a day for us!

We met up with Andy who has ridden all over the world.

Andy is riding with a group of Bicycle riders who have come down from Ecuador. He is a support truck driver for them. But Ken used the time to get a picture of his KIWI with a rider who was fixing a flat!

And Diana is capturing the interactions!

Roadside chat

We ride into town, get gas and Diana walks over and finds a great place Called Santa Monica Apartments off the main street. They have Cabanas, with Kitchens and living rooms.Going upscale now! But we are staying two nights so I splurge! It has been a great time riding with the KiWI’s!!!