Gisborne then East Cape

Lots of signage to remind people to watch for Motobikes, but also warning us to be careful.

This part of my ride is just enjoying the scenery along this east cape area. It is more remote and it is Easter weekend.

Have a few clouds as I ride up the coast, but it is warm and not too much traffic in this area.

As i continue up around the east coast there is lots more Maori history, places Captain cook landed and interesting history.

I did not stop much, but just enjoyed the wind in my face. Had a section of road that was wet, but I missed any actual rain

As I rode along the East Cape area, my mind was full of many thoughts. The bulk of them were about Life, Home and where I am on my journey. Having been on this ride for 22 months now, I have had this before as well. Hard to capture all the thoughts from these two days, but I can say it’s striking to think about ending my trip and starting the next chapter of life. Settling, going back to some meaningful work, and all the “normal” things of daily life. Part of me really looks forward to this, with maybe a bit of anxiety about the process, but I also have to stay connected to these amazing moments that I am having and enjoying in this Chapter!!

Of course, every long term traveler that I have met has had these thoughts and feelings. They are not bad to be able to consider them clearly, and then carry onto to continue my own journey no matter how it plays out over time.

Back to the ride…….

New Zealand has so much coastline, that is remote and very inviting!

Once again I connected with some ADV Riders ClintNZ and Rosie! and they invited me to stay near Rotorua. I arrived in the afternoon, and was warmly greeted!! Rolled my bike into the Garage that was nicely equipped.

Not having been in such a well equipped shop for a long time…… I mentioned a repair that I have wanted to make for some time, including extracting a broken bolt for my right side crash bar. Clint jumped on the tasks, and we spend a couple hours fixing the broken bolt, and making a new bracket for the crash bar damaged way back in Guatemala!

Heating and bending

Cutting and fabricating

All done, and time to relax and have some dinner. Their neighbor brought over a freshly caught fish for “tea” and I enjoyed the evening talking with Clint and Rosie!!

Before dinner I got a text from Alex letting me know some other world travelers were staying at his place, and we had been in contact and wanted to meet up….. Clint and Rosie said, have then come and stay here Really cool. so we set up a plan for the next night…..

Next morning up early to walk down to the lake. Great sunrise with the black swans.

Then we took a ride around the area!!

Around the hills

Some great gravel roads

Ending up though the woods to the family “bach”

As we road up the two track to the top of the hill. Their it is. It was breathtaking view over the valley and the land of the families former farmland.

We stopped and had a lovely lunch overlooking this amazing place!!

Then back to their place to await the arrival……..

Here they come. Still on the road after 10 years…… Simon and Lisa Thomas are joining us for dinner!!

Sitting down to eat and enjoy a few stories from the road!

and we shared some really good laughs!!

It was a great evening that went into the wee hours of the next day.Sitting in the garage with glasses of wine, motorbikes that had traveled all over the world….. Share the fellowship, and connection with many common experiences. was such a great time!!