Yesterday I was up early to get a view of the coastline when the sun came up.

Blue sky and Sunshine!!

Had to add my name to the beach.

Then up to see the 12 Apostles again.

Met up with some other travelers who were there early and realized it takes awhile for the sun to get to the rocks. But loved the solitude and crashing of the big waves

And a bit about the name.

And I also had seen a group of nice Canadian and one Germany girls that rented a car and where driving the coast. nice to meet you!

Then off to check out the rest of the coastline. It was such a beautiful day i decided to stay again in Port Campbell, and just ride up and back along the GOR. Checking out all the side viewing places.

Loch Ard Gorge

Not sure on this one.


Really stunning views with the crushing of the waves. Great!

Just spectacular on a day like today.

Part has fallen down.


Lovely beaches also further along.

Near the bay of Islands. You just have to stop and enjoy the views.

Stunning! around 60F so not real warm like summer would be.

The Grotto

You have to walk right down inside to get the view

Bay of Islands

Then there or lots of side roads. Some go a short ways in, and others right out to the edge!

Don’t get too close….

Great Day exploring at a very easy pace. The weather was showing rain but was hard to tell until later in the afternoon that the wind was up and clouds were rolling in. It rained very hard all night, but since I was in my motel I was smiling