Breakfast choices for my toast. Just cannot get used to Vegemite

Started my day with some damp muddy roads headed north to the Rainbow road.

But the weather cleared shortly after I started to ride

Riding up along the Molesworth farm to the Rainbow Station

Including Lake Tennison

Then worked my way northward through the mountain range

Until I reached the gate into the Rainbow Station area. It is actually a “toll” road and it is only open for 3-4 months per year. It is a private road.

Spectacular scenery

About 80 miles of gravel roads.

With a dozen or so water crossings. They are fairly light on water this year due to the drought like conditions. But some were longer and deeper.

Coming out on route 63 after a great ride through this area!!

Then riding up to the very top of the south Island in the Golden Bay. Beautifully rural roads winding through the countryside. mid 70’s and sunny. Perfect riding conditions!

I road past Abel Tasman National park and ended up staying in Collingwood on Golden Bay. Took a ride up to see sunset at Wharariki Beach

Took a 20 minute hike from the road down to the beach.

Great day exploring New Zealand!