Merry Christmas to the ADV community and my Blog reading friends.

It is a bitter sweet time for me as I arrive “home”. It is part of the journey for sure. I am really optimistic about the Chapter ahead, but also feel a bit of the Loneliness and sadness of season as I think about my life in the past with Chris and family around me. That Life is gone. Don’t get me wrong, I have great family in the sense of my brothers, and good friends!

I know people get uncomfortable when others talk about loneliness and emotions, but it is part of life. I have tried to share all part of this journey, good and “bad”. and will continue. As I know we all go through emotions and difficult times, and it is OK to talk about them.

Life is full of emotions, some are very difficult and I am full of thankfulness and gratitude for all the experiences in my life. It has made me better (certainly not perfect).
During this Holiday season….. Tell the people around you that you Love them, let the “small” stuff go. We never know how much these people mean until they are gone!

As I am sorting out photos and Videos from the past couple years….. I am amazed as I relive some of the great times I have had !! Will look forward to sharing these in the months ahead! And I also found this coffee mug…… on my New chapter, I will need to come up with new dreams and live it.




Couple of ADV posts:

Merry Christmas to you too Mark.

As one of the lurkers who’s been watching/reading your threads since the beginning you should know what you mean to me. You’ve been a great example to me of what it means to be a loving partner and human being in this world today. Your travels have been good for my soul in many ways. It’s doubtful I’ll ever get the chance to travel as far and wide as you have these last couple years. But because you shared your journey here I got to see parts of the world through your eyes that I would never see on my own. It’s a different experience than being there myself but certainly it’s added to my growth. Thanks for that.

Again, Merry Christmas and best of luck in the future.

Merry Christmas Mark ! I was trying to put in words the thanks and gratitude for this report , but many others have already posted my thoughts better than I could have . I liked the lost work hours chart , but try and wrap your head around how many motorcycle sales and accessories were sold with the prodding of this ride report ! You single handedly stirred the world economy ! Thanks for all the effort and time to share and entertain all us ADV nut cases !

Thanks for the Christmas Greetings.

Found this mug, and will add it to my watchwords for the new chapter!!