Helmet time

Lots of Helmet time cross some of the outback.

Gives one time to “think”

As I rolled across the outback enjoying the small vastness of Australia, it is easy to reflect on many parts of life.

I tried to capture a few notes when I stopped as the thoughts seem to bounce around my brain, then slowly fade away.

What would I say about this Adventure. it still amazes me that two years has gone by since I started this chapter of life. I left with a rough idea of timing, but as I look back at the photos, posts of two years I realize that how amazing this trip has been. So many people I have met and interacted with in person and online. So many great memories of people, places, and cultures that have ben experienced. WOW takes my breath away.

But this kind of “solo” trip is certainly not for everyone. You need to be comfortable in your own skin in the times of solitude, but able to reach out to people around you wether they speak your same language, of have different views of life, politics etc. Of course a Smile goes a long way.

Logistics and planning. Personally I am a planner, but I have had to balance that with cherishing each moment and accepting changes and new experiences as well. But you always need to do some looking ahead to what is needed in the next place you are wether accommodation, weather, shipping, visa’s, dangers, new and interesting things to see and do, and of course the financial ability to carry on.

Kindness- Amazing how many people share kindness and how much a simple comment or look means to me, and others. For example, the other day an older woman say me at a gas stop, she smiled, “said you must not be from around here” but smiled and told me to enjoy this beautiful country. Changes your day for sure!! (vs someone in Bolivia flipping you off as you walk down the street of there little town yup. happened more than once).
The reason I bring it up, is that It has made me realize how important these little things can be, and how important they are to “pay it forward” to others!!
Speed Limits and Speeding. I typically ride my ride, and try to be riding at a speed for the conditions and that allow me options to be safe. Although, I have been told i ride “briskly” In Australia it is clear to just stay under the limit so i will be doing so from now on. But it is a funny thing about Speed limits. I know for me, I seem to always push this. If driving and setting cruise control, I always go a couple over? Why? not really because it will get me there faster, just seems like we like to push the boundaries Is it just me?

And my list goes on, but I will stop here for a bit…. and get back to some photos….

Nice winter day! The temps have been 45-53 F for most of the last few weeks riding! Really I am looking forward to warmer weather (think I am getting soft)

Love the look of the Gum trees on the hills with the blue sky above!

Lots of signs warning of all kinds of dangers

This one warning that accidents impact many people. Don’t rush

Back in NSW Speed camera warnings everywhere.

Including these that say “average Speed safety camera” for this stretch of road. Wow that is a new one.

and they get lots of photos …… here and somewhere down the road. Australia is really using this technology.

As I ride east through the hill country, i reach the Blue Mountains. I see signs for lookouts, so I go have a look. WOW beautiful!

Met a young rider named Eric at the overlook. Eric

Then into Katoomba. Taking a look at Echo point

and the famous three sisters

Then I rode into Sydney to stay with my friends.

Funny returning to a familiar spot …… after a 4 week, 4,000 mile ride. Feels like home.