As my Antarctica expedition continues, it seems to get better and better!!

I signed up for the overnight camping option. Which allows me to say I have camped on Antarctica…

We had our bivy bags on this little point of land away from the Penguins.

And it never really gets dark either….

Lots of smiles on and off the zodiacs

We headed through more amazing areas …..

More and More Icebergs

We came to a place called Iceberg Alley, and took Zodiac trips all around to see wildlife and enjoy the immense Icebergs

A few seals lounging on the bergs.

More Bergs

This blue streak was great. It was caused by the iceberg cracking and filling with water then freezing with no air bubbles.

Back to the ship

After Iceberg Alley….. The crew needed to move a large iceberg away from the ship.