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Can you elaborate on your plans for India?

Are you going to purchase or rent a bike when you get there, or are you shipping one of your bikes?

Making any changes in your gear for the India trip?

How did your electronics like your phone and laptop hold up in South America?

Hola Pachap.

Good Questions: First Why India. I have always wanted to visit the Himalayas and after meeting CJ while he was on the International Friendship ride here in the states, it just made sense to me that this would be a place I wanted to go and ride.
Since the weather in South America (Ushaia) was going into winter months, it just made sense to me to use the “extra” time I had to go ride someplace that was highest on my priority list. So I am. Seize the moment and the opportunity to live my dreams.

I will fly over and either Buy or Rent a bike. Right now this will probably be a Royal Enfield. But that will be part of the fun, exploring and checking out options.

My thoughts originally was to go to India, Nepal and Bhutan, but have since found out that to get a multiple entry Visa for india for trips outside of India for less than 2 months require a special visa, which needs to have specific Itinerary that you must follow to the T. So Will not be able to do this 🙁 Save for another trip.

My gear for India will be changed. Since I am flying over,and only staying a couple months. I will travel as light as possible. Giant loop bag is all I will carry with my gear. Wear my riding gear onto the plane, and if I need anything else, like tools etc. Buy them upon arrival to India. Other than that…. Will let you know

My laptop and cameras did Ok for the first 9 months. I had an underwater camera mounted on my bike that was dying, then I lost it while riding. The phone I did not turn on for 7 months. No need to have one, with Skype of the computer to call friends and family.

The last bit of news it that MOBILL will be joining me for the first few weeks in India We were chatting online one day months ago, and I was talking about my plans to go to India. The conversation when something like. I am now planning on going to India. MoBill, “Oh, I always wanted to ago to India” … OK so join me MoBill “do not want to invite myself into your ride” No problem with me. So MoBill got online started his Visa process, checked tickets, then got final Ok from his family….. Will meet him in Delhi

Dates still up in the air until I get my visa back, which will hopefully be next week!!

I am really excited about this next part of my ride. CJ has given me a “rough” ride plan, but I am studying the maps and reading to help me fill in the blanks. All part of the logistics and fun of a ride like this.

Just some more Artwork to be appreciated.

This one is titled “the Triple scoop” by Vanessa as she is the only passenger that my F800GS has had. We road to here school together! Precious experience for Radioman!

Connecting with Mrs S 4th grade class. Sharing my story, and the adventure unfolding.

Out among the Saguaro Cactus in Tucson

This impressionist drawing on my day on the Espinoza de Diablo (spine of the devil) where I was very sick with food poisoning and needed a 30 minute nap in the median at the gas station before riding this road!

Riding the great roads into Medellin Colombia

Another “road Kill” artwork

One of the many colorful markets.

It truly has been an amazing gift for me to have these pieces of Artwork!!

Just got the email. My India Visa is on it’s way back to me. Should arrive tomorrow Morning!

Now I have to book a flight!