Today is the first day of the rest of my life. Bit emotional as I unpacked some of my old life, but got the bed set up. First day in my house in 2.5 years.

As I reflect on starting a new chapter, I am excited, some trepidation and doubts, sadness and a while lot of optimism about restarting life. Just part of life!

Had some Harley riding friends stop by to take me to lunch and short ride
And others stopped at almost same time ….bummer but will catch up very soon.

Thankful for all the kindness that I have experienced.

Happy new year! It’s started!

As a follow up:

Just sharing the realities of my life. For me, it is ok to share that it is not always easy or fun. I am very blessed and rarely lose sight of this. But my heart aches and it is real.