Spending a few days in Medellin is really easy to do. Staying in the El Poblado area of the city is really nice.

Had coffee with Albert and the group of expats, Mining experts and other english speakers!

The same day I got a great email from the guys I have coffee with back home…. Talked with Murray today from the group, and there is snow at home. Nice photo chop job 🙂 to Starbucks guys having coffe and talking trash.

Here is Albert who is one of the owners of the Shamrock! Had a coffee with him in the morning before the group of riders assembled. He is on his 990 Super moto

The guys were packing up in the hotel garage.

Look they are using Giant Loop bags from Oregon!!

New ones at that!

And off they go for an 8 day ride around Colombia!

Someone asked if I rode the BMW C1. Nope, but sat in it!

While we were hanging around waiting for James to get tires, and someone to repair the preload on his rear shock. We took the subway through Medellin and then on the tram to the top of the hill.

Gave us a good view of the city. Medellin has about 3-4 million in the total area.

On the way back we stopped in downtown for a look around.

Fernando Botero Is a famous Colombian Artist. There were many sculptures around this area.

Looks like a hand..

Then we checked out the art gallery.

Making this gallery a bit fun

Before we got back to the subway, there were these vendors renting out Cel Phone time. All the cell phones had some type of chain, or rope connecting them to the vendor.

The other thing that is really big here is Shoes. Amazing to watch all the women dressed up in fancy shoes….. If your into shoes … Here is the place.

Subway ride back to Ruta 40 to check on the progress of James bike.

Oh the crazy ticket lines for the subway. No automation. Get in line

The mechanics had taken apart his rear shock, as the preload was blown.

But they could not find a set of TKC -80 for his bike… Inventory showed a front, but could not find it anywhere in the entire city…. So he had to opt for a different set of tires.

Walking about for dinner saw this little bike.

Cool place to hang out and eat.

Picked up James Bike today and will start riding again tomorrow.