James was having some issues with his rear shock. They changed out the seals in the preload, but when we were ready to leave he noticed oil leaking from the main part of his rear shock.

We had ridden down town Medellin to an area filled with small bike repair shops and gear…. Our bikes once again attracted attention including a police guy who showed up after watching us take a left turn where we were not supposed to Some local guys spoke with him in Spanish as he did not tell us anything just wanted our papers. After looking at my copy of my passport, he just walked away.

James on a little bike 🙂

In Colombia many riders wear vests with there License numbers on them, and also on there helmet. It is the law that you have them if you ride at night. It came from a time when there were lots of drive by shooting from the back of motorcycles

I had one made up!

while James had a Colombia license plate sticker made up for both our bikes.

Kids came by and wanted to ask lots of questions…..

This guy in the shop had moved a bike so I could park…. He was asking questions teasing a woman selling coffee that she should ride the world with me…. He was great. Also kept an eye on the kids.

Loved this guy truing a wheel out on the street.

Riding back through town. James Bike looks huge next too all the others… Sam would have hated the traffic and lane splitting

We had dinner at the Shamrock and all the staff was friendly. Johanna was one of the bar tenders….Note James is sitting down…..

She was friendly!

As I said, Women in Medellin really like their shoes…. Red ones

Shoes that are tall and have lots of straps….

After we took James bike back to Ruta 40, they told us the mechanic that rebuilds there shocks was out until the next day… We were all packed and out of the Shamrock to ride east today. Bummer. But it needed to be repaired. The shop is super busy but has been great about getting us in. James told them he could do the work and pull the rear shock. They said OK!

We had the day to find a new place to stay and then decided to take a tour about Pablo Escobar. It is a controversial Tour as it includes a stop at Roberto Escobars’ house where you meet his brother, and can ask him questions.

I knew the basic story about Pablo Escobar the Cocaine kingpin that created a lot of violence in the 70-80’s, but this was a chance to learn more. In the 80’s he was one of the richest men in the world worth about 25 Billion, and he was the Medellin Cartel was the biggest supplier of Cocaine to the US and Europe. He ruled with an iron fist and had many people killed that opposed his cartel. they said over 10,000 killed during this time.

This was the Medellin Cartels headquarters, which was a fancy office building of it’s time, but was bombed out in the 80’s as the government took it over when Pablo Escobar was killed.

The tour bus was a bit cramped for a guy with long legs.

Lots of graffiti

As we took the tour bus to his grave, it started to rain really hard. Since so many ride motobikes… there were tons of then stopping to wait out the rain.

We saw his grave, and had lots of commentary on his life, how he built 1000’s of home for the poor where people still love him, and saw a movie about the two Escobars, Pablo, and then Andreas who was a famous Soccer player at around teh same time.

And more views of the city.

With all if Pablo’s wealth, he collected Cars, Motorcycles, planes. etc. Some of them are displayed at Roberto’s house. Roberto was an accountant for the cartel and served 12 years in prison.

On one of his Harleys. Many of his Bikes and cars were destroyed in the bombing of the Cartel Headquarters.

Here I am with Pablo, wearing Pablo Escobars hat that was in a famous photo of Pablo while he was in “prison”. Longs story about how Pablo set up his own prison and also was elected to Colombian political leadership to avoid extradition to the US.
He was killed after to left his prison knowing that he would be sent to the US.

And with our tour guide who was clear that there was more to the Pablo Escobar story than the family would tell you.

wanted posters

Photos throughout his life

Photos of his compound entrance…

It was a violent and dangerous time in Colombia during the 70-90’s. Still a huge city that you need to be careful in, but we have met very welcoming and wonderful people here! Looking forward to riding around the sights of Colombia.

Had dinner and stayed at another hostel. Then went to the frozen Yogurt shop snog. Strange place. Here is the ceiling….

Hopefully we will pick up James Bike and start riding!!