Bariloche time to take a break for a few days

In Bariloche we stopped for a few days to relax, and Ollie needed to change a rear tire, which we found at a local moto shop J&J that sells bicycles and Motos.

Youngest Ollie, changing the tire with just a bit of help. Had an issue getting the bead to actually seat properly so he did take it to a tire shop where they had higher air pressure and better tire lube to get it to seat!

While in town getting his tire done he spotted George from Switzerland whom he road with further south. So he came and stayed at the same hostel (Mantra).

That night we went back to the same Steak house and Youngest Ollie had to try Blood Sausage because he has a list of foods to eat that will add to the charity ….. He was not sure while cutting in.

But did enjoy it in the end!

On our way out….. He had to check out the grilling meats of Argentina!

The last night in Bariloche we moved to the Penhouse 1004 Hostel which is located on the 10th floor (the top) and has a great vibe and amazing views. We were not able to book ahead so they only had one night available, and we took it.

Entrance is way down the hallway!

Really worth a stay while in Bariloche. Parked the bike in the Garage down below, which cost 80 Peso per night….

location S41 08.025 W71 18.704

But the view. and Cecilia and Anne are amazing hosts!! Say hello for me

We enjoyed the evening at the hostel with the great views. George came over for the evening to hang out.

Great Sunset

As the sun sets we enjoy meeting some lovely girls from Switzerland.

George, Ollie, Drew and I had dinner (Ollie cooked some Pasta ) Then we found out that it was Fabians Birthday starting at Midnight!

So we helped get a little cake and Champagne to Celebrate at Midnight!!

Fabian and Francis Happy Birthday to Fabian!!

It was a very fun evening into the early hours of the morning!

While back in Bariloche, it felt like I was home. I stopped at the camping store owned by Santiago and His beautiful wife Maria, and she sees me and say “Hola Radioman” :lol That are great people. He is riding his bike to Ushuaia in March and she is planning to buy a little 250 to ride about town. It will have a Radiomanridestheworld sticker on it

If you are in town stop by. It is Garmount Outdoorgear. The corner of Morales and Av Belgrano!!

What a great place to enjoy for a few days!