Esquel, Argentina to Bariloche!

As I rode into Esquel, sure enough there were large gas lines ….. and they stayed all night long

So we decided to set the alarm for 5:30 am…. And we had just 15 minute wait

Saying goodbye to the Owner Hugo and His darling wife Maria. Hotel Sur Sur is a great place for a nice hotel. Hugo has his BMW in the lobby 🙂 They have ridden in many places in the world!

Then we are off to the national parque Los Alerces (we were going to camp there as it is beautiful but I got waylaid

Past some Guacho’s herding cattle

It is a beautiful park with lakes and mountains. Lots of really nice camping spots but we are riding to Bariloche.

Great gravel road through about half the park.

Then north through El Bolson area

Youngest Ollie is still with me

We arrive to Bariloche and it is a busy place this time of year. Sunny 80 degrees F Stopped at a few hostels and final found one with opening.

The little beach was crowded!

First night we met up with Drew and Luuk and Inge from Holland, and had a great meal . Photos with the owner and the chef!