Many of the hostels were booked since we checked out. Stephen another patron to the BMW dealer called his friend that worked at a Hotel, and got us a special rate. Stayed at Medellin Royal in an upscale part of town.

Daniela was great. She worked with the manager to get us a great rate. Thanks!! She promised us the best beds around. And she was right. Most comfortable bed of my entire trip in Mexico, Central and South America so far.

Had a big pool out back…..

Estaban was a great host, and wanted to help us with our stay!! Thanks for the friendly hospitality!!

Posting up on ADV….

And a delicious buffet breakfast. Yea, I could get used to hotels like this 🙂

Back to Ruta 40 BMW to hopefully get James bike after the shock rebuild and get riding… Carlos has been great, tell us they are working on it right now.

While waiting for James bike, had the chance to talk with some other BMW riders. This is Alajandro. Really enjoyed our conversation about life, riding choices to embrace life! Thanks!!

James with the two mechanics that were great helping get his bike fixed. They always had a smile and were really friendly!!

Bike is ready….. Lets ride!!

Carlos, and who both spoke english walked out to send us on our way!!

Pull up to the first light and James catches this photo of the guy next to us. He could not stop looking at the bikes!!

Rode up and out of the city.

At one place there was a big accident. Cars could not get past but on Motos we were able to get past.

We rode about 1.45 minutes out to the east to reach Guatape. and El Penol.

This is the Monolith at El Pinol. Some 686 steps to the top.

Guatape is a small town on a lake…. Really cool town

The Center Square and town are very colorful.

We had time to walk about town after arriving.

Lots of colorful Tuk Tuks…

They had a big zip line …. you can see the guy about to come into the spring loaded –pads that stop you.

Lots of boats to take you around the lake.

Goofing around with the town sculptures.

The walls of the building had many artistic scenes depicting life here ….

Some depicted the the businesses…

Had to laugh in our room, Electrical wiring is not always done to a standard extension to the TV.

And the woman that runs the hotel was great. She could not believe how big our bikes are. After our walk she had gone to Google translate and gave us a message to take gear off our bikes in the lobby, since the bar is open late… Very nice of her.

Then a great Sunset.

Good to be back on the road again….. Heading out into the countryside!!