As always parked our bikes in the lobby. This one was tight ….. The lady who ran the hotel was great, but could not get her into the photo…

Cool wooden doors to the lobby.

And I had a note on my bike. Unfortunately we were not able to give Tony a call… Thanks for the offer!

Had some breakfast in the town square.

This is a cool little town. It appeared that we were the only gringos here.

James coming out of the narrow doorway of the hotel lobby

We rode back to El Peñón de Guatapé (Spanish for “The Guatapé Rock”) to take a look at this huge monolith that is about

Cloudy morning with really flat light for photography. But it looks like a place that we must check out.

As you get to this side of the “rock” … you see the crazy stairs heading up. 644 steps to the top.

The rock views out to the surrounding lake….

Instead of the stairs we could have done a Donkey ride around the parking lot

We set up for a photo in the parking lot…..

and then as has been the case in Colombia…. We get swamped by people asking questions, looking at the gear on the bike, and as we have been offering photos on the bike….. This crowd grew. We enjoyed the conversations, questions, laughter….. It is one of those strange things, but they just do not see too many bike motos. The Colombia people have been so friendly it is amazing!!

This guy was going full out and wanted to hold James Helmet as well

This was a really nice family who are Colombia but have lived in NY state for 10 years now. Just home on vacation. . Was great meeting you!!

We had Kids, parents, Grandparents on the bikes.

We spent the whole morning here before heading off. There was a large traffic jam on the way back to the main road, but on bikes you can just ride to the front and check it out, then squeeze by. It is normal here that bikes just kind of go around everything.

We rode by the Hacienda Napoles which was one of Pablo Escobars large estates and get aways.

The Colombia Government has taken it over and making it a large theme park.

Checking our map as we go….

As we road out through the mountains we had some great riding and some great views.

Found a hotel along side the road on our way to Bucaramanga. Nothing special, but a place to rest before riding on. No internet and not much of a town, so it was an early night.

Loving being back on the road.